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How Small Hotel Marketers Can Capitalise on Valentines Day Traditions

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Emotionally charged events like Valentine’s Day are perfect for boosting a small hotelier’s bottom line, all across the globe.

Here’s how to reach guests who want to celebrate Valentines Day at your small property, and make sure you give them a romantic experience they will never forget!

Step 1 – Segment your database

First you need to attract as many guests as you can, starting with who you already know in your contact database.

Create lists out of those who:

  • Stayed with you on Valentine’s day last year.
  • Are your most loyal repeat customers.
  • Are your highest paying guests, that have already booked in a stay over Valentines day.
  • Haven’t stayed with you before (eg. people who filled out an enquiry form but never made a booking).

You will need to offer different things to each of these segments.

Step 2 – Create irresistible offers

Now that you have your lists, give them a compelling offer that they can’t refuse! You can them one of two types of offers – either a discounted package, or an upsell.

Discounted packages

Offer discounted packages to people who:

  • Stayed with you on Valentine’s day last year.
  • Are loyal repeat customers.
  • Haven’t stayed with you before.

Try to apply themes to your packages that involve the unique aspects of your destination.

Some elements you can use to make your package more valuable:

  • Rose petals
  • Fruit plates
  • Late check out
  • Wine
  • Heart shaped food (eg. scones and sweets)
  • Romantic dinner
  • Spa treatment
  • Local activities (eg. sailing or boat charter)


Offer extras to your highest paying guests, that have already booked in a stay over Valentines day.

For all of your guests staying over the Valentines day period, you should offer the following in-room extras:

  • Chocolate fondue
  • Wine
  • Fruit
  • Marshmallows
  • Candle
  • Breakfast hampers
  • Spa gift bag goodies
  • Cheese, wine, and crackers
  • Couples massage

It would also be a good idea to include a Valentines gift you can keep. For example, The Ampersand Hotel in London offers personalised pillows where you can add your own message or design.

Step 3 – Distribute your Valentines special via the right avenues

Research shows that 59% of online shoppers say they prefer to buy their Valentines day gifts online.

As such, you should use online marketing to promote your Valentines day accommodation package.

Email your existing database. Send at least 2 emails before Valentines day.

Run online advertisements. Bid for terms like “valentines day hotel promotions” and “valentines day hotel deals” – in the same study, 58% of shoppers said retail websites and online ads influences their Valentines day purchases.

Communicate your deal with  Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). If you’re using a hotel booking system that integrates with your OTAs through a channel manager (like Little Hotelier), then this step is just a few clicks away.

If your hotel reservation system does not include a channel manager and PMS system, why not get a demo of Little Hotelier?


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