How to Build a Website for a Motel

Motels are the perfect option for budget-savvy travelers who are looking for a comfortable place to sleep on their adventures. But as a motel operator, how do you promote your accommodations, prices and amenities to these particular people?

The best way to do this is to invest in a website, which allows you to reach out to travelers from across the globe.

Without a website, you won’t be able to compete with the other motels in your region who are connected to customers online.

Here’s how you can build the best website for your motel:

Step 1: Pick a Content Management System

This is a specialized software system that allows you to manage the content that is on your website, without needing the skills of a professional web designer.

The content includes the photos your display, the videos you post, the text that you add, and the pages that you create for your website.

You want to select a content management system that is simple and secure, and it should be compatible with mobile devices. Additionally, you want to make sure that SEO is a top priority.

Click here to learn more about choosing a content management system.

Step 2: Use Website Design Best Practices

As a motel operator, you want to focus on promoting your overall brand and the traveler experience.

You can do this by showcasing large, high-resolution photographs that feature people enjoying your motel.

Include photos of the rooms as well as the amenities that you offer at your small motel. You need a responsive, mobile-friendly website, or you will get docked in the rankings on the search engine results page.

Another important element on your motel website is the booking button; you should place a “Book Now” button in a prominent place and ensure that it’s easy for your customers to make a room reservation online.

Click here to see some great examples of small hotel websites.

Step 3: Complete Your Website With an Online Booking Engine

A booking engine is the only tool that will allow you to accept online reservations. You want to have a booking engine in place that automatically updates and displays your live availability, as well as one that is simple for the end user to operate.

Your booking engine should fit in with the overall design of your website, providing a seamless appearance to potential traveler guests. It also needs to be optimized for all mobile devices, and it should be responsive based on the device that the particular visitor is using at the time.

Safe, secure payment processing is essential and should be considered before selecting an online booking engine.

The best option is to select an online booking engine that also offers additional features that improve the way you run your business.

Click here to learn about choosing the best booking engine for your WordPress website.

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