Creative Ways to Use Facebook Live for B&Bs

Facebook has been the preferred social media platform for the travel sector for years. It provides those in the industry — such as hotels, tour providers and restaurant operators — with a visual, interactive way to connect with their customers.

In addition to that, Facebook allows bed and breakfast owners to invest in dynamic ads that can be targeted to specific audiences based on location and travel dates.

There’s also the booking engine plugins that allow people to finalize their purchases without leaving Facebook, which seems like the icing on the cake — but there’s more.

But now, there’s a new way to engage with potential guests on this social media platform called Facebook Live. Here’s what you need to know about to start promoting your bed and breakfast.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a feature that allows people to record live video and share it instantaneously on the News Feed.

It was first introduced in August 2015, when verified public figures could use it.

By December 2015, select people were able to test out the feature on their personal profiles, and by February 2016, it was released to everyone.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Essentially, you can record a video on Facebook and stream it live to all of the people who follow your page.

You can go live for as long as you want — but it’s best to keep your videos between 5 and 20 minutes. It can be intimidating to do a live broadcast over Facebook, but don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your guests.

The latest Facebook algorithm promotes live videos in the News Feed, and data shows that people are 10 times more likely to comment on a live video.

You are guaranteed to reach more people through Facebook Live!

How Can You Use It To Market Your Bed and Breakfast?

There’s lots of ways to use Facebook Live to promote your bed and breakfast. Some reasons to go live might include:

  • Announcing the latest news about your location, such as a new promotion or the unveiling of an updated room.
  • Give a tour of the grounds on a beautiful day.
  • Host a question-and-answer session that is personal and informative.

Facebook Live is the latest way to promote your brand on social media, but the world of online marketing is always changing.

Learn more about the latest trends in travel by watching our on-demand video.

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