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How to Create Great Content for Your B&B’s SEO

To optimize your B&B SEO and get found on search engines like Google, you need to make sure your website is publishing interesting and engaging content.

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How Remarketing Can Increase Bookings At Your B&B

Remarketing is an important tactic for recapturing bookings your B&B may not have capitalised on during a traveler’s first visit.

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How To Boost International Bookings At Your B&B

International bookings should be a priority at your B&B and these tips from Little Hotelier should help you increase bookings from international guests.

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Learning To Understand Digital Marketing: 5 Tips For B&Bs

Here are Little Hoteliers 5 tips to help B&Bs understand how they can use digital marketing to drive traffic, increase direct bookings and build a positive customer relationship.

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B&B guest using social media to choose destination

How Important Is Social Media When Travelers Choose Their Destination

Social media directly impacts travelers choosing destinations so B&Bs need an intelligent social media strategy to utilise this platform and increase bookings.

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B&B owner uploads a video as new Facebook cover photo

New Facebook Feature A Boon For B&Bs

With constant updates, Facebook is always providing something useful for accommodation providers. This time it’s video marketing.

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Content marketing and blogging for small properties and B&Bs

B&B Blog Ideas: How To Optimize Content On Your Website

Writing a blog shows your B&B personality, optimizes your website content, improves SEO and converts more website traffic into commission-free bookings

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Website design for B&Bs

5 Web Design Principles Your B&B Must Follow

A well-designed website can increase traffic, direct bookings and revenue at your B&B. Follow these tips to improve your B&B’s website design.

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B&B owner working to meet guests expectations

What Your B&B Needs To Meet The Digital Expectations Of Guests

Digital technology is coming along in leaps and bounds. Your guests will be up-to-date so your B&B needs to be too. Here are some tips.

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