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How you can use other people’s content to market your B&B

To save time and effort, there’s a lot you can do with existing content to market your hotel. Here are some helpful tips.

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How to use Google Hotel Ads at your B&B

Google Hotel Ads could really ensure your B&B is never wanting for bookings. Explore how it might be useful for your small property.

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How to capitalise on destination marketing at your B&B

It’s not all about your rooms and your amenities. Here are some ways your destination can be the biggest marketing strength at your B&B.

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B&B management basics: Facebook marketing explained

If you aren’t already marketing your B&B on Facebook, here’s a quick introduction on why it’s so useful for your business.

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Managing your TripAdvisor reviews is important for bed and breakfasts.

How to improve your B&B’s TripAdvisor ranking

Recognising the powerful role TripAdvisor plays, you need to make sure that your B&B consistently improves its ranking. Follow these tips to get started…

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Bed & breakfast owners should use this advice to advertise.

5 key tasks for successfully advertising your B&B

There are many ways to advertise your B&B business successfully. Here are five tasks that can help get you there.

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Why persistence is key when it comes to B&B marketing

Most travellers are going to do significant research online before they book so you need to be persistent. Here’s how to maintain focus…

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How to get more reservations via your B&B’s website

Your B&B website is incredibly valuable in driving revenue and profit for your property. Here are the best tips to secure more bookings.

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5 tips to sell more rooms to solo travellers at your B&B

Solo travellers are a large and emerging market that could significantly benefit your property’s revenue. Here are some tips to attract more of them.

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