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How you can use other people’s content to market your B&B

To save time and effort, there’s a lot you can do with existing content to market your hotel. Here are some helpful tips.

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How to use Google Hotel Ads at your B&B

Google Hotel Ads could really ensure your B&B is never wanting for bookings. Explore how it might be useful for your small property.

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Why SEO Is So Valuable For Your B&B

SEO is one of the most valuable methods tools for marketing your B&B as it builds brand awareness, credibility, and increases website traffic and direct bookings.

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Are you putting enough effort into your B&B’s Instagram account?

All social media platforms can’t be painted with the same brush. You must treat Instagram differently to Facebook. Here’s some advice.

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B&B management basics: Email marketing explained

Conquer the basics of email marketing at your B&B and start generating more bookings for your property and grow your revenue.

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B&B management basics: Facebook marketing explained

If you aren’t already marketing your B&B on Facebook, here’s a quick introduction on why it’s so useful for your business.

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B&B marketing

B&B marketing: A complete guide to marketing for your small property

B&B marketing is an essential part of making sure you sell enough rooms and make enough revenue at your property. See all the tactics you can use here.

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Complete guide to bed and breakfast website design at your property

Get the complete guide to website design at your B&B in this blog. Everything you need to know to optimise your property’s website.

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b&b marketing strategy

How do you market your B&B (and is it the right strategy)?

Every strategy needs constant evaluation and adjustment. It’s always a good idea to try new things to see if you can get better results for your business.

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