Using Micro-Stays At Your B&B To Keep Ahead Of The Game

Micro stay at hotel

Traditionally, travelers have always booked rooms by the night. Every booking is a minimum of an 18-hour stay, with check-in sometime in the afternoon and check-out scheduled for the middle of the following day. However, micro-stays are increasing in popularity, particularly among business travelers.

Defined as short-term booking stays that are scheduled by the hour rather than by entire days, your B&B booking strategy should start to incorporate these trending preferences of travelers.

4 Things You Need To Know About Micro-Stays

1. These stays last for as little as three hours or as long as 12 hours

Most operators who allow micro-stays at their property give guests the option of a 3-hour booking, a 6-hour booking, a 9-hour booking or a 12-hour booking. This gives guests the flexibility to choose the micro-stay that best meets their needs.

2. The purpose of micro-stays can vary based on the particular traveler who books it

Micro-stays are particularly inviting to business travelers, who often do not need a room for an entire day when they are between meetings or waiting for a long layover. Sometimes all they want is a place where they can take a quick nap and enjoy a shower after the fact.

Others need a place to work in between meetings that are taking place at various times of the day. Leisure travelers also are finding micro-stays to be convenient, particularly if they are visiting several destinations on their trip or they’re stuck between flights.

3. Those who book micro-stays generally do so at the last minute and on their mobile devices

According to eHotelier, about 67% of short-term bookings were made with less than 24 hours notice. Micro-stays are often spontaneous bookings, and guests are taking advantage of mobile technology to get great deals on these quick stays at local accommodations.

Your B&B needs to be able to accept mobile bookings to fully take advantage of micro-stays and short-term booking opportunities.

4. Micro-stays can significantly increase the revenue you generate per room

With micro-stays, you can book the same room multiple times per day. Rather than getting one booking for one room each day, you can enjoy the revenue boost that multiple bookings for the same room during the same time period brings in.

In addition to increasing the revenue at your B&B, it can also help you reach out to a larger pool of travelers. Now you won’t only be focused on leisure travelers who want to stay for a long weekend or an entire week, but you also can appeal to last-minute business travelers who need a quick fix during their trip.

Using your online booking software, you can allow travelers the option of booking a micro-stay at your property. Whether they need a quick nap in a comfortable place between layovers, or they simply need to refresh themselves prior to jetting off to a business meeting, they will appreciate having the opportunity to book a convenient and affordable room in your B&B.

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