3 Great Tips for Hiring the Right B&B Staff at Your Property

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In many respects, the staff at your B&B will begin to feel like family. You all have to rely on each other and work as a team in order to make sure each day runs smoothly, that guests are satisfied, and that you are doing everything you can to encourage more bookings in the future.

Unfortunately, the challenging truth that most B&B staff managers have to face is that hotel employee turnover can be high.

Dedicated, long-term employees are critical to your overall success, but it can be difficult to find the right hospitality staff for your hotel.

Here are three great ways to make better choices when hiring B&B staff:

1. Promote Your Job Openings in the Right Spaces
Rather than advertising open positions at your hotel on general job sites that are available to everyone, you can target your job opening listing to a specific audience. Use social media to reach out to those who have experience and background in the hospitality industry. LinkedIn, in particular, is a powerful social networking platform for posting job openings.

You should also reach out to hospitality industry associations in order to promote your open position, and you can even consider working with local universities and colleges in order to provide recent graduates with more information about the opportunities at your hotel.

2. Screen Candidates Prior to Inviting Them to Interview with Your B&B
When you design your application, make sure that the document completes the screening process for you. Formulate questions that encourage applicants to showcase their talent, their education, and their experience within the hospitality industry.

This allows you to receive responses from candidates who are qualified for the position that you have available, and gives you the best chances at selecting the right final candidate for the position.

3. Ask the Right Questions During the Interview Process
The time that you spend interviewing candidates for your position is valuable. You will want to make sure to discuss topics and pose questions that provide you with the insight you need to make the best decision for your hotel.

Instead of simply asking a candidate to reiterate their resume to you, ask them about what they have learned during their time spent in other positions. Ask them why they want to work at your hotel and what they plan to bring to the available position. Ask them to talk about guest relations and how they treat guests, particularly when those guests are dissatisfied.

Hiring hotel staff can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are dedicated to finding the right people to help you run your hotel. You are likely looking for a hotel employee who will care about your guests as much as you do, all while working their hardest to ensure that the hotel runs properly at all times.

These tips can help you filter through the many applicants who are simply looking for any kind of job, and discover the hotel staff members who truly have potential.

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