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What a hotel online booking system will do for you

Allow your hotel to maximise direct bookings online via your website, Facebook page, and metasearch sites like Google Hotel Ads
Give you seamless integration between your property’s systems including your front desk, channel manager, booking system, and website
Form a personal guest relationship with personalised communication and boost profit with upsells, add-ons, and packages
Automate manual tasks to save you time and give you more control over your business

Features to look for in an online hotel booking system

Not all hotel booking systems are created equal. It’s important to do your research and compare the features to see which is the best fit for your small property.

These are the questions that will help you choose the right system for your accommodation business.

Does it allow you to take direct bookings through your properties website, social media profiles, and/or metasearch (Google Hotel Ads, Trivago etc.)?

Can you upsell with extras, add-ons, and upgrades – this is a great way for your property to make extra revenue and provide a customised experience to your guests—win-win?

Does it enable guests to view availability at your property with a calendar?

Does it allow you to control the relationship between you and your guest with pre and post stay communication?

Does it offer a seamless checkout experience and integrated secure payments solution?

Does it integrate seamlessly with your existing front desk system, channel manager, and website?

The one booking system your small hotel needs to get more bookings and control your business

Little Hotelier has flexible plans that give you:

One hour setup
One click for 24/7 support
No waiting on calls and days of onboarding
Never be put on hold again, message us anytime
Pricing to suit your property
No unnecessary features that bloat your bill

Why choose Little Hotelier as your hotel booking management system?

Trusted by more small properties than any other global provider, who enjoy 100% connection quality to their chosen booking channels.

Convenient mobile app, allowing you to manage bookings from anywhere at any time

Backed by SiteMinder’s powerful technology – processing over 100 million bookings each year.

Designed with small hotels in mind, prioritising ease of use and putting you back in control of your everyday operations.

Frequently asked questions about online booking systems

What is an online hotel booking system?

A hotel booking system is an online tool that enables you to take bookings directly from guests. These bookings can occur via your own website, your Facebook page, or a metasearch site like Google Hotel Ads. It also allows you to sell additional products or services to boost profit, and enhance the guest experience with personalised communication.

What are the advantages of an online hotel booking system?

An online hotel booking system enables you to automate many of the tasks that revolve around managing your bookings. It also has the ability to seamlessly integrate with features such as your front desk system, channel manager, hotel website, and payments solution. This ensures data is always accurate and you have more control of your operations.

Why should I upgrade from my manual hotel booking system?

Using a manual system is outdated and ineffective in today’s market. A manual system will take up more of your time, is more prone to error, and will scatter your data in different places. Using a manual system will make it harder to analyse performance and apply successful strategies.

How much does an online booking system cost?

Often the price of your bookings system will depend on your property type and size, though some providers have fixed pricing. In the case of Little Hotelier, a flexible pricing model is in place which caters to your needs. To make sure you only pay for what you need, check out Little Hotelier’s pricing plans.

How do I set up an online booking system at my hotel?

In some cases you can sign-up online and get started very quickly and easily by yourself. This feature is available for many of Little Hotelier’s customers. Otherwise, once you choose to undertake a free trial, you will be contacted by a specialist to help you get set up asap. You’ll be fully supported along the way, from free trial to forever.