Initiatives to Kick Off at Your Motel

You know that your motel needs something new, different and unique in order to stay fresh and appealing to travelers, but you’re feeling uninspired.

Never fear: We have the solution.

Here are several new initiatives that you could launch at your motel that are sure to attract new guests and increase your bookings.

Run loyalty programs geared toward millennials

If you have an easy-to-use and valuable rewards system in place, you’re going to attract millennials.

And as the largest-growing demographic of travelers, this is the target audience that you want to capture.

About 41% of millennials said that they will join a rewards program as long as it is easy to reap the benefits.

In addition, most travelers are looking for motel rewards programs that allow them to choose the type of rewards that they receive.

Personalization is key to the success of your rewards program.

Buy new bed sheets

Motel guests prioritize the safety and cleanliness of the rooms that they are staying in, and clean linens tops their list of concerns.

In fact, more than half (55%) of guests worry about the cleanliness of the hotel room they are staying in, according to an online survey of 2,065 consumers by laundry equipment firm Miele (Boutique Hotelier).

Invest in new bed sheets for your entire motel, and promote this fact on your website.

This alone may encourage customers to book with you, as they know they will be sleeping in a comfortable, fresh bed when they stay at your place.

Create health and wellness packages

Health and wellness travel is trending across the globe, and your motel can easily attract these special interest travelers.

Health and wellness packages allow your guests to enjoy the local area while also focusing on a healthy diet and exercise.

Your package might include gluten-free snacks, purified water, a discount card to a local fitness center and a hiking tour with a local guide.

The options are endless, and you can easily create an affordable package that appeals to these powerful travelers.

Partner with loocal businesses

By partnering with local businesses, you improve your distribution and can attract customers you would otherwise not have access to.

For example, you could work with a tour and activity operator in order to create a room package that includes their products.

In turn, they can recommend your hotel to travelers who ask for referrals.

You also could partner with funeral homes in the area, and offer a discount to guests who are traveling to mourn the loss of a loved one.

Fresh and innovative business partnerships will help you grow your own business but also promote the region as a whole.

Invest in new technology for your motel

Don’t get left behind by letting your technology become old and outdated.

New technology and recent upgrades not only increases the efficiency of your business operations, but also improves the customer experience.

An all-in-one business solution designed specifically for motels is your best option.

This type of program will automate many of your administrative tasks, ultimately giving you the chance to run an efficient and profitable business.

It’s essential to your success, especially if you are motel who is hoping to compete against local accommodations and large hotel chains in your area.

For more information, watch our on demand videos in order to learn about how Little Hotelier can help your motel.

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