Motel web design: The best options to make it easy at your property

As a small property you understand at your motel how integral a functional, high-converting, website is to the success of your business.

You might be experiencing a lack of traffic to your website, or your conversion rate is poor – or both.

Travellers will form an opinion of your website in the split second after it loads (if it takes more than 3 seconds to load most won’t bother to wait around) so you could be losing a lot of potential bookings before anyone even tries to use your website. Once they do, you might find they abandon bookings because the website is slow, confusing, or clunky and doesn’t work properly on mobile devices.

Your search for better website design is one of the most important things you can do to increase your website conversion, boost your direct bookings, and enjoy a greater profit margin.

So what’s the answer?

Stop using web designers and avoid using web agencies to do your work. Not only are these options slow and expensive, but they require a constant back and forth relationship that takes a lot of control out of your hands.

A software solution is by far your best option to build a website quickly, easily, and have it deliver a smooth user experience to guests who book with you.

This page will help you choose the best motel website design, including what you should look for in a provider and the costs, setup, training, and time-frame involved.

Motel web design: Why Little Hotelier is the best fit for your property

The reason you shouldn’t be investing in any old web design software for your motel, or simply googling ‘best website builders’, is that most options are not created with the hospitality industry in mind.

Many may claim their web design technology is purposed to suit any business but have they built their tools specifically with motels, hotels, and B&Bs in mind? The answer is no.

Software like Little Hotelier exists ONLY to serve small accommodation owners. Every development and update is made with this customer base in mind, taking and acting upon feedback to make the best solution possible for motel property owners/managers.

This means the goals you have for your brand website are ready to be kicked by Little Hotelier straight out of the box, including:

  • An instant and unique website
  • Search engine optimised
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Globally accessible
  • Customisable 
  • Google integrated
  • Online booking engine compatible

The added benefit of using software such as Little Hotelier is that all the work that needs to be done to stay evergreen is done in the background by a team of developers while you continue to use your product as normal. You can make changes to your content or site structure anytime you want, without having to request work or wait for anything to be completed.

Questions to ask your motel website design provider

Naturally, before any serious software purchase you make for your motel, you’ll be doing a lot of research and assessing many different options. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between products and find the most value for your business.

To make sure you don’t miss anything and that you have all the information you need to make confident, strategic, investment choice, there are a few questions should ask potential partners. These include:

  • Does it provide an instant, uniquely branded, hotel website that can be up and running in 24 hours?
  • It is designed to increase web traffic and direct bookings?
  • Does it integrate with your online booking engine?
  • Is it mobile responsive and optimised for guests?
  • Will it help attract international guests to your property?
  • Does it offer multiple design options that you can customise and are suited for all travellers?
  • Will your website be secure and searchable?

You might also ask how flexible is the product and how easy is it to use. This is vital since you want flexibility so you can:

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Appeal to your target market
  • Reflect your brand identity accurately
  • Add, delete, or update content at a moment’s notice

At the same time the product should be easy to use and have some boundaries around what you can do so you don’t get lost or confused in too many possibilities.

Happily, Little Hotelier can answer in the affirmative to all of the above.

What to expect of motel website templates: Costs, setup, training, and support

Another advantage that mobile website templates hold over services such as freelance web designers or agencies is that the pricing model, setup, and function is incredibly simple.

All you need to expect when it comes to paying for website template software is a small initial setup fee, and then a flat monthly fee. If you choose to be charged annually you will even get a discount. 

With Little Hotelier, you can make as many changes to your website every day, week, or month and never incur an extra charge beyond your monthly payment. This is in stark contrast to a designer who will charge you every time you need an update.

A high quality website builder and editor can be secured for as little as $35USD per month, with the price depending on your property size. 

Once you sign-up to the service you’ll be contacted within one business day to get started. The great news is that setup for Little Hotelier’s website product is very minimal. All your existing website content will be taken and plugged into the new design that you choose, and you can then optimise it from there. 

You’ll be given a rundown of how to make changes on the backend, such as creating new custom pages and adding promotions etc but the process is so simple you need very little training to be up and running!

Support is obviously vital for your ongoing peace of mind and to continue achieving results. Your provider should have dedicated support available that supports your local language and can be accessed around the clock.

Using a mobile website template for free

Little Hotelier’s website software is mobile optimised, purpose built so the templates respond to any mobile device a guest may be using. It is also one of the top providers to offer a free trial of its product. 

Truly free technology for your website won’t be a reliable or consistent method to use. Since high quality software takes a lot of resources to build and continue to develop it has to be paid for – but the results more than cover the cost.

Little Hotelier’s trial period will run for 30 days, in which time you can enjoy the full benefits of a brand new website without committing any budget or signing a contract. At any time you can stop using the service and you won’t be charged. Across a month of free use you can experiment with different designs and themes, making sure the templates are mobile-friendly and that guests are getting a better user experience. Seek feedback and analyse the results so that by the end of the trial you know whether to make the investment or look elsewhere.

Once you’ve enjoyed the full functionality of the product for free and watched your traffic and conversions rise, you’ll see how much value a mobile web design tool like Little Hotelier adds to your business.

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