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owning a B&B

Dreaming of owning a B&B? Answer these three important questions first…

Owning a B&B comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility. Use these three questions to determine if if it’s right for you and if you’re ready.

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How Much Does Online Distribution Cost for Small Hotels?

Knowing how to effectively distribute your rooms online is essential for any small accommodation provider to keep their rooms occupied. But it doesn’t come for free. So how much does it cost?

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How Much Does an Online Payment Gateway Cost for Small Hotels?

Online payment gateways are essential, but they don’t come for free. Here’s what they will cost your small hotel.

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Is Your B&B Following The Formula For Success?

A successful B&B is one that maintains a high occupancy rate. Here’s our formula for improving your B&Bs performance and increasing bookings and revenue.

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Increased occupancy and ADR at your B&B

The 6 Best Ways To Drive Occupancy And Increase ADR At Your B&B

High occupancy rates are key for ensuring good financial performance for your B&B. Here are our 6 best ways to drive occupancy and increase ADR.

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B&B investing money

Where should you be investing your B&B’s money?

Managing your B&B budget correctly will increase revenue and occupancy rates. Here’s where we think every B&B should investing their money.

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