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B&B management basics: What is rate parity?

Rate parity is something most B&B operators find hard to escape. Here is everything you should know right now.

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Your B&B’s 2017 List Of Revenue Management Essentials

Make the most of 2017 with these revenue management essentials. Your B&B will benefit from a clear and methodical approach. Check out these tips…

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3 Urgent Questions to Ask Before Setting Your B&B Pricing

Every hotel or B&B is unique, so finding the right pricing strategy isn’t always easy. Luckily, there’s an option for everyone.

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What is Hotel Rate Disparity?

What is hotel rate disparity and how does it affect your small hotel?

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Why Everyone is Talking About TripTease’s Price Check Widget

If you’re a small accommodation provider and you’re wondering why you keep hearing about the controversial Price Check Widget by TripTease, look no further.

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3 Common Online Distribution Mistakes All Innkeepers Should Avoid

Make sure you avoid these most common mistakes that innkeepers make when they enter the big wide world of online distribution.

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What’s New With Rate Parity: A Breakdown for Small Hotels

We discuss the recent changes to rate parity laws in France, and what it means for small hotels around the globe.

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What is Rate Parity and How Can You Adjust Your Small Hotel Strategy to Suit?

Everything small hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and guest houses need to know about rate parity and how it applies to you.

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