The Ultimate Formula to Attract Global Travelers to Your Inn [Slides]

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International travel is surging like never before, with more travelers heading to the US as a holiday destination. How can innkeepers attract these global guests to stay at their inn?

At our launch last week in Big Bear Lake, California, we went through the steps you can take to attract and win over these global travelers. Here is part of that presentation.

More people are traveling than ever before

How can you reach your guests around the world?

Step 1: Understand what they want

International travelers want to…

  • Travel more: International leisure trips are expected to increase by 15%. Tweet this stat!
  • Spend more: Twice as many travelers plan to spend more on travel in 2015. Tweet this stat!
  • Discover more: Local exploration is a main motivator for choosing destinations. Tweet this stat!

Step 2: Understand who they are

Meet a few traveler personas…

A Chinese millennial looking to travel the world

  • The US is estimated to receive 4.9 million Chinese visitors in 2015. Tweet this stat!
  • From 2009 to 2013, outbound trips from Asia increased by 53%. Tweet this stat!

A business traveler from Spain

  • Last year’s online travel bookings in Eastern Europe and the Middle East surged 25% and 24%. Tweet this stat!
  • Europe’s online travel market will expand 7% in 2015, despite economic challenges. Tweet this stat!
  • Italy and Spain have the most important online travel sales growth per annum, with 18.3% and 13.8%, in 2014. Tweet this stat!
  • In 2013, almost 183 million internet users in Europe visited travel booking websites. Tweet this stat!

UK leisure travelers

  • In 2014, 47% of UK individuals booked travel online. Tweet this stat!
  • 79% of UK leisure travelers used the internet for travel arrangements. Tweet this stat!
  • The UK is predicted to reach 21% in bookings via mobile by 2015. Tweet this stat!
  • In 2013, digital travel sales in the UK reached 18.84 billion British pounds. Tweet this stat!

Step 3: Reach them online

Use Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to your advantage

  • Ctrip is the most popular OTA in China. It can be used to attract Chinese millennial travelers.
  • is one of the most used OTAs by European business travelers.
  • is one of the most favorite OTAs among UK leisure travelers.

Reduce OTA commission fees with the ‘Billboard Effect’

The ‘billboard effect’ is the ideal situation for small hotels. It means that even if guests discover you through an OTA, they may ultimately decide to book directly with you. A direct booking means you keep all of the profit!

Step 4: Drive direct reservations with the ‘Billboard Effect’!

Tubac Country Inn, a Little Hotelier customer, managed to achieve this. We interviewed them to learn more about their story.

If you would like to learn more about the best ways small hotels can distribute their rooms effectively online, download our free ebook resource.

Mastering-your small hotel online distribution-strategy

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