There’s no doubt about it – the bed and breakfast industry is huge!

As a US innkeeper, here are some amazing statistics from the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) about the industry that you are a part of.

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About the typical B&B…

  • The typical American B&B has between 4 and 11 rooms, with 6 being the average. Tweet this stat!
  • 29% of American B&Bs are in rural locations, 23% are urban, 5% suburban, and 43% are village. Tweet this stat!
  • 94% of American B&B rooms have private baths. Tweet this stat!
  • 36% of American B&Bs have achieved an “historical designation” by a local, state or national historic preservation organization. Tweet this stat!
  • 5,700 square feet is the average size for an American B&B. Tweet this stat!
  • 93% of American B&Bs offer free high speed wireless internet. Tweet this stat!

About American inn owners…

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By Dean Elphick

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