What is the Airbnb host login?

The Airbnb host login, or Airbnb owner login, is the email address and password you use to gain access to the Airbnb host login dashboard, which is where you can control everything to do with your Airbnb listing.

The Airbnb host login page is found in a different part of the Airbnb website to that seen by guests. Although any guest who wants to become an Airbnb host can do so by simply activating their host login.

The host login on Airbnb can offer two different levels of functionality: the basic view used by most hosts, and the ‘professional hosting tools’ that can be better for hoteliers who offer multiple rooms.

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Why is it important to log in to your Airbnb host dashboard?

The host dashboard is the hub of the Airbnb hosting experience; the place where you control both your own Airbnb experience, and that of your guests. Here you can update pricing and availability, tweak your listing to make it more enticing, and gain advice from Airbnb on how you may be able to do better.

Your Airbnb dashboard is designed to give you important insights at a glance. While the homepage appears simple and minimalist, it offers up a wealth of information that can help you succeed on the platform.

Steps for an easy Airbnb host login

The steps for an Airbnb login as host are essentially the same as for a guest, and are quite simple.

Step 1: Sign up to Airbnb

If you haven’t done so already, sign up as an Airbnb user by navigating to the website and clicking ‘Sign up’. Follow the prompts to create an Airbnb account, which you can do with your email or through Facebook, Google or Apple.

Image of Airbnb host login

Step 2: Navigate to Airbnb

Now you have an account, navigate to Airbnb.com or download and open the Airbnb app.

Step 3: Click ‘log in’

On the Airbnb website, click on the menu icon in the top right corner, then click ‘log in’, which will take you to the same screen as ‘sign up’ (see screenshot above). On the Airbnb app you should be prompted to log in when you open it for the first time.

Step 4: Enter your details

Enter your email address/phone number and your Airbnb password, or click on ‘continue with Facebook/Google/Apple’ if you used these credentials to create your account. If you use a new device to log in, you may be asked to verify your account with a code sent to your phone or email.

Step 5: Head to your host dashboard

If you aren’t directed straight to your host dashboard, and are instead shown places to stay, you can make your way there by clicking on the ‘Switch to hosting’ button in the top right corner.

Image of airbnb host dashboard

Tips for making your Airbnb login as host easier

You might ask “How can I make it easy as an Airbnb host to login to my account?”. The good news is that if you’re logging into Airbnb on your own device, you can select the ‘Remember me’ checkbox to stay logged in for future visits. Beyond that feature, there are a few handy tips and tricks to make logging into your Airbnb hosting dashboard a little easier.

Choose the right email

It’s important that you pick your most relevant and logical email when setting up your Airbnb account. Choose the one that will spring to mind when you need to log in, and the one that will make it easy for Airbnb to get in contact with you for verification or if there is any issue.

Keep your login details distinct and secured

While it’s convenient to use the Google, Facebook or Apple sign-in option on Airbnb, remember that this means your Airbnb account will have the same login details as these accounts, so if one account is compromised, the other may be too. For this reason it’s worth creating new and unique login details specifically for Airbnb. You should also never give your login details to anyone else.

Consider a password manager

You should try to avoid doing things like emailing or messaging your Airbnb login details, keeping them in an unsecured note app, or sticking them to your computer screen with a Post-It. A better way to remember your details, while keeping them safe, is with a password manager like OnePass or the built-in tool on Chrome.

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) forms a second layer of security for your Airbnb login as host. When you log in, particularly from a new device, it will send a verification code to your email or phone. You’re then asked to key that code in to access your account.

Use an online management system

What if you could control your Airbnb listings without logging into Airbnb at all? For small, independent hoteliers that take reservations from a number of sources, a channel manager can see you trade a messy array of dashboards for a single portal that gives you complete control over your online presence, including valuable direct bookings.

Little Hotelier is one example of a booking channel manager that you can use.

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