What is hotel reputation management software?

As the name suggests, hotel reputation management software, also called hotel online review software or hotel review management software, is technology designed to help hotels and other accommodation providers to manage their online reputations.

Hotels are businesses that rely on reputations more than most. Usually a large percentage of a hotel’s guests will be first-time customers. These customers need to be convinced that you’re the best option, and will look at your online reputation, particularly ratings and reviews, to gain a sense of whether they should spend their money with you.

Hotel reputation management software is designed to help you monitor and manage online reviews to present the best possible version of your hotel to potential guests.

Little Hotelier

Little Hotelier is software designed specifically for small, independent hoteliers. It offers total reputation management for your hotel via channel management, front desk software, guest experience tools and more. Designed to streamline operations and generate more bookings, it is the go-to all-in-one solution for small hotel businesses.


Channel management

Little Hotelier’s channel manager lets you do away with endless OTA dashboards, bringing all your booking channels together in a single, simple portal. This gives you a central place to monitor and manage reviews across Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb and so many more – Little Hotelier is able to connect with more than 450 different channels, by far the most of any such solution on the market.

Booking engine

On top of maximising direct bookings, Little Hotelier’s booking engine let’s you sell personalised extras and add-ons, send automated communication, and request feedback post-stay.

Guest engagement

Little Hotelier’s Guest Engagement feature is designed to heighten the guest experience to make it as pleasurable, memorable and five-star-reviewable as possible. With high-end communication tools, including the ability to set up automated messages at key moments before, during and after a guest’s stay, you’re perfectly placed to offer an amazing time, and then secure a glowing review via a post-stay review request.

Front desk

Little Hotelier’s front desk feature can save you up to 35 minutes on every booking. The secret is in smart automation, where previously manual processes are taken care of instantly and without any input from you. This includes soliciting reviews from guests after they check out – you can send an automated, customised message that asks them to review your hotel if they’ve enjoyed their stay!

Third-party integrations

Little Hotelier offers integrations with a wide range of third-party services, including many guest experience and guest review platforms. This allows hoteliers to enhance their experience and solicit feedback in a more streamlined and automated way.

Manage your hotel’s reputation with the best software

Use Little Hotelier’s hotel reputation management software to manage your online presence and connect to different platforms - all in one place.

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SiteMinder is the leading hotel platform for medium to large properties, but can offer a similar level of user-friendly and streamlined reputation management to Little Hotelier. With a sprawling network of 1500+ integration partners including hotel apps and property management systems, it is capable of forming the central hub of any hotel tech stack.


  • Channel management: Get found and booked easier with access to 450+ of the world’s leading booking channels. Manage them all in one place via real-time automation.
  • Booking engine: Capture guest reservations directly on your website via an online booking engine. Own the guest relationship and enhance their experience with automated communication and personalised offers.
  • Guest engagement: Personalise guest experience from pre-stay to post-stay and encourage feedback and reviews to keep your brand in the spotlight.
  • The ultimate partner network: With over 1500+ best-in-class partners ready to seamlessly connect with SiteMinder, you can add almost endless functionality to your hotel tech stack. Amongst these integrations are dozens of dedicated review management apps that grant you even more control over your online reputation.
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ABS Software

Malaysia’s number one hotel software solution, ABS Software is an online hotel reputation management software with a focus on servicing Southeast Asian businesses. In terms of reputation management it doesn’t have a dedicated tool per se, but does offer some relevant features within its front desk system.


  • Continually updated software: ABS are constantly updating their solution in response to customer feedback.
  • Easy tracking of guest data: As a simple solution with somewhat limited functionality, ABS Software makes it simple to track important (though basic) customer data.
  • Easy to use, no need to download: ABS Software is simple to use, and as a SaaS solution you can use it through your browser, rather than needing to download the software.
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As the name suggests, BookOnlineNow is a software solution with a focus on direct bookings, though it does also offer a channel manager. Headquartered in Greece, its revenue management and optimisation tool offers online reputation tracking and management.


  • Truly international: Supporting more than 30 languages and all international currencies, BookOnlineNow can be used across the globe.
  • Country-specific rate plans: BookOnlineNow is able to customise rate plans based on customer location. If a hotel has developed an excellent reputation within a specific country, rates can be increased there to reflect that fact.
  • Mobile optimised: The BookOnlineNow platform is mobile-optimised and works across all screen sizes and devices.
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A property management solution with a focus on vacation rentals, CiiRUS partners closely with the likes of Airbnb and Vrbo, and allows a vacation rental manager to efficiently manage the reputation of their accommodation through connected platforms. This solution may not be ideal for hotels that require connectivity to a wider variety of booking channels.


  • A task list system: CiiRUS offers a simple and streamlined way for Airbnb and Vrbo managers to maintain cleaning schedules.
  • Connects to 25 channels: You can connect to an array of vacation rental platforms through CiiRUS, and only need to do so once, though there are few hotel booking channels.
  • Simple, customisable reporting: The CiiRUS reporting and analytics feature is simple to use, customise and understand for small property owners.
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Benefits of using hotel reputation management software

Hotel reputation management software is designed to take the effort out of soliciting, checking and responding to reviews, which ensures that your hotel is put in the best possible light online.

Obviously you need to offer the sort of guest experience that earns you good ratings and reviews in the first place, but if you tick that box, hotel reputation management is a fantastic way to maximise and share your excellence with the world. It is technology worth making a monetary investment, as free reputation management software is inherently limited.

The broader benefits of such active reputation management are obvious. By closely monitoring and effectively managing your online reputation, you make your hotel the obvious choice for any guest who is looking to stay in your area, and may even attract guests who had never considered exploring your part of the world.

You can enjoy more bookings, you can charge more per booking, and you’ll ultimately maximise your earning potential!

Choosing the best hotel reputation management software for small accommodation providers

There’s a wide variety of hotel reputation management software available on the market today, but not all are created equal. The best review management software will meet your unique needs as a hotel owner, and will offer complete functionality. Let’s recap a few of the most popular options, and how they compare.

Little Hotelier No lock-in contract. Cancel anytime. A feature tracking how rooms are sold across major OTAs and how rates stack up against competitors. Single calendar view to prevent overbookings or reservations being missed.
SiteMinder Real time pricing changes and the ability to analyse booking patterns. Feature enabling hoteliers to customise OTA promotions rather than 1 single promotion pushed to all OTAs. 1,500 best-in-class tech partners and integrations.
ABS Software Continued updating of their software. Organises customer/guest data effectively and easy to keep track. Easy to use and doesn’t need downloading.
BookOnlineNow Able to display country specific rate plans based on customer location. Mobile optimised platform responsive with any screen size and device. Supports more than 30 languages and all international currencies.
CiiRUS Has a task list system for maintaining cleaning schedules (good for Airbnb) Ability to sync to 25 channels with one time input. Custom reporting and easy to understand for small property owners.

By Robin Sevilla