Who doesn’t love great food? It’s even better when it’s “free;” aka built into the cost of the package or getaway at your bed and breakfast.

Think about it: how many times have you passed a cheese shop and thought: “If I could only have just a teeny bit of every one of you.”

But you don’t actually buy one of each – that would be kinda crazy, a lot fattening, and rather expensive.

But what if you went to your friend’s house for dinner and the dessert was a cheese tray with various types of cheese and cool crackers.

You’d try them wouldn’t you? What’s that? I couldn’t hear you mumbling as you dropped a crumb.

A food tasting can make for a great package and a fun way to interest the media in your  bed and breakfast.

If you lived in a state with nationally recognized award-winning cheeses, like Wisconsin, for example. “A Cheesy Getaway” might be a perfect fit.

A quick Google search of Wisconsin and Cheese would take you to: EatWisconsinCheese.com where you’d find more info than you though possible on cheese, as well as a Master Cheesemaker Directory for the state.

Maybe you could collect five, six, ten, even a dozen cheeses and time your getaway to fall around National Cheese Lovers Day (Jan 20, 2017).

Maybe you find unique crackers and task guests with creating the right cracker and cheese pairing.

Or, maybe you create scorecards and people rate the cheeses and the one with the best ranking makes it into the next morning’s omelet.

Or, maybe you contact some local cheese makers and create some sort of cheese scavenger hunt using whatever tools your region has available.

In this Wisconsin example, the “A Traveler’s Guide to America’s Dairyland” map would be a great starting place.

Not a cow or goat in sight? Well, cheese was just an example.

Maybe you’re in a state that has the most apples, like Washington state, and can offer guests a chance to sample apple wedges from different regions.

Or, maybe you’re in a state with the most potatoes, like Idaho, and can whip up different types of potato dishes.

The more creative you are, the better… and the more likely you can get your package to attract press.

Make sure you support your package by posting a press release online, emailing media likely to cover your type of getaway, and using your blog and social media as a way to share your own post, photos, or recipes.

It’s also fun to build up to your tasting with curious facts or even a joke that keeps with your theme.

And yes, sometimes the jokes can be a little cheesy but you’d be surprised at how often they’re real social media crowd pleasers.

Author Bio

Maria Coder, Founder & CEO

Maria Coder believes bed and breakfasts deserve the same chance at media coverage as larger properties do. She is a reporter turned publicist and the founder of Bed & Brunch PR, where she specializes in getting inns into the news. Find her online at BedAndBrunchPR.com and subscribe to The Innthusiast – for her free monthly newsletter with publicity tips for innkeepers.

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