8 Smart Ways Your Small Hotel Can Use Text Messaging

Did you know that over six billion text messages are sent in the US each day?

Text messages are becoming a preferred form of communication for businesses (it seems millennials have voted voicemail out and texting in).

If you consider that 64% of consumers have a positive perception of a company that offers texting as a service channel, it’s no question that small hotels should be using text to communicate with their guests.

Here are some ideas on how small hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and guesthouses can use text to effectively build relationships with guests:

Exclusive deals

People join loyalty clubs because they expect to have access to special promotions.

But offering special promotions isn’t enough. They can get that by signing up to your newsletter or social media pages.

By giving you access to something as intimate as their personal phone number, they expect something valuable in return.

Make sure your SMS offers are unique and exclusive and that customers can’t get access to them through any other medium.

Reservation confirmations

Businesses use text messaging when timing is important, and clients may need to refer to the details later.

People immediately open almost all SMS messages they receive (90% of texts are read within three minutes after reaching the recipient).

You can send an automated confirmation code with reservation details via text.

This will ensure guests always have quick and easy access to important information about their trip.

Customers might not always have access to the Internet to review their reservation on email, but they’ll be able to pull up a text message without a problem.

Tips and advice

Your guests might be interested in knowing if there’s a big event or concert in town.

Or what the weather will be like during their stay so they can be prepared. Or they might like to know where they can rent a car or the best local sites to visit. Or even practical things like packing tips.

People have a lot of organizing and planning to do before a trip and anything you can do to help them out will be welcome.

Order room service

Allowing customers to place room service orders via text and sending confirmations of the order can be a convenient way to handle food orders.

Sometimes a guest doesn’t speak the language fluently or background noise in the kitchen makes it hard for staff to hear the customer’s voice clearly while taking the order.

A guest might feel the food is taking too long and claim that the order was placed longer ago than it actually was.

To avoid confusion, accepting text orders can give both guests and small hotel management a written record of when an order was placed and what the order was for.

This can provide a better experience for guests and remove the possibility of mistakes.


Checkout is usually the most stressful part of a guest’s stay at your small hotel.

They may have rental cars to return and flights to catch, and waiting in line at the front desk to check out is usually the last thing they want to do.

Instead of printing an invoice and slipping it under their door, take care of the checkout details via text so they can simply text a confirmation approving the charges and be on their way without a hitch.

Polls and Feedback

Did a guest just check out of your small hotel? Send them a poll asking them how their stay was through text.

Texting is a quick and easy way for guests to provide feedback.

They can fill out answers to a text on their way to the airport or whenever it’s convenient for them rather than be held up filling out a paper form before checking out.

SMS messages have high response rates so you’re likely to have good results from your polls.

Giving clients a platform where they can voice a concern or complaint is an important part of maintaining customer loyalty.

Guests need to feel that their opinion is important to you and asking their opinion in a convenient format assures them of that.

Customer service

If a guest has a problem they need to be solved, SMS can be the ideal platform.

It allows the customers to contact you in a way that’s convenient to them and allows you to respond quickly and easily.

Welcome and Thank You messages

If a guest just checked in, send them a text welcoming them to your small hotel and letting them know how to contact you in case they have any problems.

When your guest checks out, send them a ‘thank you’ message.

This way you let your guests know how much you appreciate them choosing your establishment.

These are quick and simple gestures that can help improve a customer’s experience with your small hotel.

These ideas will help you increase guest loyalty at your small hotel. Have you already tried some of them?


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