3 Reasons Why the Reservation Enquiry Form is Dead

For years, the reservation enquiry form has been the norm at large and small hotels alike. When it was developed, it was considered the best way to gather information and data about interested guests prior to their arrival.

However, booking systems today are starting to eliminate the need for a reservation enquiry form. Here’s a few reasons why:

1) Your guests are sick of enquiry forms.

They don’t have the patience for it. Your guests want to make their reservation as quickly as possible, and move on with their travel planning. In fact, you may lose some guests because they can’t locate the form.


Additionally, they’ll know that it’s outdated technology, when they expect your property to be more advanced than that. If they think your booking technology is outdated, they might begin to lack confidence in the guest experience you offer.

Today’s guests want instant confirmation that their reservation is complete and that their booking is finalized for their chosen dates. The reservation enquiry form just doesn’t give them the immediate peace of mind that they both need and deserve.

2) Admit it. You’re probably sick of it too.

The enquiry form requires you to sort through enquiries and determine which are serious considerations, playing phone and email tag. This is an administrative hassle, and it’s a waste of your time and resources.

It is not the best way to run your small hotel, and could have a negative impact on your revenue.

The enquiry form may attract some guests who aren’t 100% positive that they want to stay at your property, and you may waste time and effort on those that aren’t serious.

3) There’s a better way to accept website reservations.

The online booking engine is fast becoming the norm for accommodation providers of all sizes. When someone books with you directly online, your availability is immediately updated not only internally but also across all of your booking channels. You no longer have to manually enter in reservations after you follow up with an enquiry from a potential guest.


Automating your booking system allows you to provide the most relevant and accurate information about your property. Automation also allows you to control the bookings that you receive through all of your channels, significantly minimizing the risk of overbooking your rooms.

With the right hotel technology solution, you will be able to send automatic confirmation e-mails to your guests immediately after they book their rooms directly through you. This gives your guests the peace of mind they need, knowing that their reservation is secure and that you are beginning to prepare for their stay.

To see for yourself why the enquiry form is no longer necessary, invest in an all-in-one business solution that provides you with an easy, user-friendly booking engine.

Little Hotelier, which is designed specifically for small hotels, allows you to implement an online booking engine that encourages guests to book with you directly — all with the simple click of a button. Watch a demo today.

hotel reservation system demo

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