Words of Wisdom from Bay Breeze Motel [B&B Superstar]

Bay Breeze

Bay Breeze Motel is a boutique luxury hotel located right on the promenade of Australia’s beautiful Batemans Bay. It sits quietly and comfortably away from traffic – yet still close enough to walk to the shops, cinema, restaurants, and other beaches.

Guests are treated to an exclusive spectacular view of the waterfront. They can also purchase luxury packages, which include restaurant vouchers, massages, champagne, and other treats.

Alison Miers owns and operates the business with her husband, working with several staff members to cover the workload, as they also attend to other businesses.

What’s difficult about running your own B&B business?

Maintaining efficiency is a challenge when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. I don’t have the time to be hands on a day-to-day basis so staying efficient is a big focus. Keeping bookings current and up-to-date on a spreadsheet was difficult. You would worry about losing or deleting customer data.

Should B&B owners consider all-in-one technology solutions?

Yes. We were fortunate to come across Little Hotelier, and once we discovered it, we haven’t looked back.

Was it easy to implement?

The reason we settled on Little Hotelier was because of the ease of operation, and the wonderful support team.

How is technology helpful to you in running your business?

Little Hotelier has allowed our bookings to grow. The amount of information that we can place in the system, the ease of operation for different staff members, and the ability to access the system remotely; all of this has helped us improve the business.

Does it have an impact on your distribution?

With Little Hotelier, we have opened our market up – covering the Asian and European markets. My favourite feature is the ability to juggle bookings around, like moving rooms to accommodate a longer booking.

Would you recommend other property owners invest in an all-in-one solution?

I would certainly recommend Little Hotelier. It’s amazing, and I tell anyone in the industry about it. With the technology in place, I can put more focus on other parts of the business – like redesigning our website to drive direct bookings, and having the property in good working order.

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