The Pros and Cons of Targeting Niche Markets at Your B&B

niche markets

Obviously, as a B&B, your target market could be any traveler who is interested in your particular destination.

However, it can sometimes be beneficial to narrow down your target audience and focus on niche markets if you think it’s a better avenue towards increasing occupancy.

At the same time, this can be a dangerous betting game. As you are developing your hotel marketing strategy, you should consider niche markets that may be attracted to your B&B property and decide if this is a valuable target market to pursue.

Examples of Niche Markets in the Travel Industry

Adults-only travel

Childless couples, young adults, solo travelers and couples with grown children are often interested in escaping to locales that do not have children staying on the premises. These places represent a quiet respite from the day-to-day world they left behind, and allow adults to enjoy their favorite activities without interruptions, tantrums and excessive noise.


Couples who recently celebrated their wedding often begin their married life with an adventure to a new destination. They often want a romantic and intimate location that allows them to immerse themselves in the moment while also enjoying a few adventures along the way.


An increasing number of travelers schedule their vacations around the thrills they can enjoy while they are there. They want to stay in accommodations that are close to the action and offer valuable, convenient packages.

Pros to Targeting Niche Markets

When you identify a niche market that you want to specifically target, you are able to develop a better understanding of your audience.

You can invest your marketing resources into the channels that will generate you the most amount of business, and you can develop your brand to boost your recognition among this unique group of travelers.

It creates the potential for you to always fill your occupancy and build a reputation as the place to go for whatever market it is you’re set up for.

Cons to Targeting Niche Markets

Targeting to niche markets carries an inherent risk. First, if your marketing efforts fail and you are not able to attract a desired niche group, your bookings will begin to dwindle.

In addition, you also limit yourself and may prevent other travelers from booking with you.

For example, creating an adults-only atmosphere will exclude every travel party that includes children — and there are many travelers who jet-set across the globe with their children in tow. B&B operators must have a solid understanding of a niche market before they pursue it as their target audience.

You must also be careful that the market you target is a sustainable one, and not a passing fad.

Ultimately, your hotel marketing strategy should never be set in stone.

All small hotel operators need to be open to changing and adapting to what the market dictates. Agility is the key to maintaining a strong business and staying relevant to global travelers.

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