How To list Your B&B On Google Hotel Ads

B&B listed on Google Hotel ads

Google hotel Ads (formally known as Google Hotel Finder) connects travellers who are researching accommodation on and Google maps with properties and rooms matching their search criteria.

It’s a feature that is compatible with any device and allows consumers to search and book hotels without leaving Google, because Google facilitates the transaction.

Why Should B&Bs Claim Their Google Hotel Ads Listing?

Google Hotel Ads are displayed above standard search results. If you haven’t already noticed this, simply search “Sydney Bed and Breakfasts” into Google’s browser and you will see these results sit directly below the two paid ads.

This feature can be utilised by B&Bs as a tool to stay competitive because it presents itself to global guests across several different points of their research, ultimately increasing traffic.

Because your profile is fully customisable you will also have full control over, and can enhance, guest experience with your B&B brand.

Google is the first place most travellers go to research their trip and you can level the playing field with OTAs to capture more direct bookings by claiming your listing and ensuring your property name, website, rating, image and description are visible.

How To List Your B&B on Google Hotel Ads

Google hotel Ads relies on two main components; the data feeds for your B&B information and the bid you make which tell Google how much you are willing to pay.

Here’s how you do it…

Step 1. Create Your B&B Data Feed

Google Hotel Ads works from three key data feeds; your B&B listing, the price and availability and the point of sale (where the ad will take the customer).

To keep it simple, B&Bs should integrate with a third-party partner. Here’s a list of Google’s integration partners.

You property will then need to undertake a pricing accuracy verification process, to ensure prices match the pricing of other online distribution outlets.

Once this is completed you will be eligible to appear in hotel listings.

Step 2. Bid On Your Ad

Firstly, you need to decide which type of payment model works best for your B&B when you begin creating your listing.

If you are advertising a single property it’s best to set your bids manually through Google Hotel Ads Centre where you can login, view performance and adjust bids.

You can also use a cost-per-click bidding or commission-per-booking model (this is much better for smaller properties because it means you don’t have to worry about managing your bids like you would if it were a pay-per-click model).

Make sure to stay on top of your OTA pricing as you will rank lower on Google Hotel Ads if it thinks you are trying to charge more.

You can then improve your listing by using Google Business View tool to showcase the interiors of their properties and keeping track of your competition with the Google Ad Preview Tool.

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