How To Email Your Way To A Great B&B Review

Email campaign gets B&B more positive reviews

Reviews are essential for increasing bookings at your B&B. Over 70% of online customers make their buying decisions based on reviews and every company is subject to them because this is where customers feel safe honestly expressing their elation or disappointment with a product or service.

To gain more customer reviews, you need to both ask for them and to motivate your customer to follow through on your request by providing an amazing customer service experience.

The best way to ask for reviews is with a simple email campaign which follows up on guests after they have stayed at your property, but there are a few do’s and dont’s.

Here’s how you can successfully email your way to a great review for your B&B…

Ask For A Review The Right Way

Using the right language can be the difference between being ignored or being reviewed.

In a recent article by Forbes it was explained that review emails should use passive language that “invites” the customer to leave your business “online feedback”, rather than directly asking them “Will you leave me a Tripadvisor Review?”.

Ask for an honest review, but NEVER ask your customers to give you a “good” or “positive review”, this is telling your customer what to write and will damage your credibility.

Using an email platform also means you can take any guesswork out of where the guest needs to go by including a direct link to the review page you’d like them to visit.

Email The Right Customers

Always be on the lookout for the right contenders, for example:

  • If during check-out your customer is thanking you profusely for an unbelievable time, you need to make sure to send them a follow-up email asking for them to leave you feedback.
  • If you have a guest arrive, or book, who was ‘recommended by a friend’ be sure to get that referees name so you can pop them an email!
  • If you have a customer who is constantly engaging with you online and shows they are an active follower, be sure to add them into your email list.

Time Your Emails Correctly

The best time to ask your guest for a review is when details are fresh on their mind and they are still floating on their post holiday cloud, before they’ve reacquainted themselves with their work desk!

Don’t leave it weeks or months after they have left, aim for the same or next day of departure.

Follow Up

If you don’t hear back from a customer, don’t be afraid to send a follow-up email. They may not be ignoring your request, they may just have been busy catching a flight home and organising themselves.

Send out a second email a week after the first with a new headline such as “How was your experience at our Bed and Breakfast?”.

In addition, if you do receive a review, be sure to thank your customer or if it is negative try your best to resolve the situation.

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