Book on Google: What Small Accommodation Providers Need to Know

Part of your role as a small accommodation provider is to stay informed of the latest technology and online marketing trends that are taking the industry by storm.

And as you browse through blogs and look at your news alerts, you may have come across the latest travel-related feature on Google: ‘Book on Google’.

Here’s everything that you need to know about this new feature, as explained by Tnooz.

What is ‘Book on Google’?

‘Book on Google’ is a direct booking interface that is now available on Google Hotel Ads.

Essentially, this interface allows travelers who are interested in a promotion that they have found on a Google ad to book directly on Google – rather than being redirected to your small hotel’s website to finalize their reservation.

Thes system is designed to improve the user experience, while also boosting the conversion rate of hotels and OTAs that invest in Google Hotel Ads.

How can you participate?

‘Book on Google’ is a feature that is only available on Google Hotel Ads, which means that you have to be a part of the program to take advantage of it.

It is an option that you have available to you once you participate in the Google Hotel Ads program, and begin your next online marketing campaign.

It is not required for you to use ‘Book on Google’. You can decide for yourself whether or not to activate this feature when you set up your next Google Hotel Ads campaign.

How much does it cost?

The feature itself does not cost anything to active — it is free to hotel operators who invest in Google Hotel Ads.

You can opt for a pay-per-click payment model, where you pay for every click that you receive on your advertisement.

This means that you pay for every visitor to your site, but not necessarily all of those visitors will convert into customers who book your rooms.

You also can opt for a commission-based model. With a commission-based ad campaign, you pay a commission to Google for every hotel room that is booked through the advertisement.

You need to decide which type of payment model works best for your small hotel when you begin creating your Google Hotel Ads campaign.

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