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B&B guest dining at restaurant

How do your B&B guests read a menu?

Guests like to read a menu in a certain way. Little Hotelier discusses how B&Bs can use these findings to increase revenue.

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Words of Wisdom from Bluemoon Riverside Resort [B&B Superstar]

With Little Hotelier, Bluemoon Riverside Resort was able to achieve B&B success. Here’s how they did it.

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How To Use Your Channel Manager More Effectively At Your B&B

Investing in a channel manager is one thing. Getting the most out of it is another. Use these tips to ensure your B&B distribution is optimized.

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Bay Breeze

Words of Wisdom from Bay Breeze Motel [B&B Superstar]

Bay Breeze Motel found the perfect technology solution in Little Hotelier, finding ways to increase bookings and improve efficiency.

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Content marketing and blogging for small properties and B&Bs

B&B Blog Ideas: How To Optimize Content On Your Website

Writing a blog shows your B&B personality, optimizes your website content, improves SEO and converts more website traffic into commission-free bookings

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Website design for B&Bs

5 Web Design Principles Your B&B Must Follow

A well-designed website can increase traffic, direct bookings and revenue at your B&B. Follow these tips to improve your B&B’s website design.

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B&B owner working to meet guests expectations

What Your B&B Needs To Meet The Digital Expectations Of Guests

Digital technology is coming along in leaps and bounds. Your guests will be up-to-date so your B&B needs to be too. Here are some tips.

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B&B uses storytelling

Why Using Storytelling Will Help Your B&B marketing

Storytelling is an effective way to establish your B&B’s brand personality. It will help you engage more travelers and get more bookings at your property.

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B&B guest experience

Why Guests Should Always Be Treated As Humans

B&B guests are not robots or numbers on a page, they’re real people looking for personal experiences. If you want to please them, you need to remember this.

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Words of Wisdom from Grove City Motel [B&B Superstar]

Grove City Motel was finding it hard to manage the day-to-day demands of running a small accommodation business until Little Hotelier made life much easier.

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Micro stay at hotel

Using Micro-Stays At Your B&B To Keep Ahead Of The Game

Micro-stays are becoming more popular as time goes by, especially for certain types of travelers. Your B&B should consider offering them at your property.

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B&B Strategy

How Small Changes To Your B&B Strategy Can Drive Big Results

Your B&B strategy may not be working as well as you’d like but it doesn’t mean you need to make big changes. Even small adjustments can drive huge results.

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How To Stop Guests Stealing Your Amazing B&B Products

Some of your B&B products will be very popular with guests – perhaps too popular. Here are some tips to prevent theft at your B&B.

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5 Important Wifi Myths Your B&B Needs To Dispel

For one reason or another, you may not be prioritising wifi at your B&B. There are certain myths that need dispelling if you want to satisfy your guests.

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B&B booking engine

How to use your B&B’s booking engine more effectively

Your B&B’s online booking engine will be a huge driver of direct bookings – providing you are using it effectively. Check out these handy tips from Little Hotelier.

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Sumatra Surf Resort uses Little Hotelier reservation management system

Words of Wisdom from Sumatra Surf Camp [B&B Superstar]

For Sumatra Surf Camp it was the simple choice to find a technology solution to their reservation management issues. Enter Little Hotelier.

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New Social Media Marketing Trends For Your B&B

Social media is a powerful motivator for travelers and a very useful tool for B&Bs to capture bookings. Here are the latest tactics you can use.

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Millennial travellers booking hotel on phone and through social media

B&B Marketing: The Truth About Millennials

The continued emergence of millennial travelers has meant there is a large spotlight on them. It’s now easy to discover their behaviour and how to market to them as this Little Hotelier blog explains.

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Beautiful bed & breakfast that is using the latest technology

How B&Bs Can Stay Relevant In The World Of Technology

As technology evolves, B&B properties can feel like they’re being left behind. Here’s how you can keep up in the modern world.

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