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How social media competitions can help a B&B get more bookings

3 ways social media competitions will improve your B&B marketing

Here’s how hoteliers can use social media competitions to reach their digital marketing goals, improve their online presence, and drive direct bookings.

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B&B listed on Google Hotel ads

How To list Your B&B On Google Hotel Ads

B&Bs should list their property with Google Hotel Ads because it improves global reach, increasing traffic and enhances guest experience with your B&B brand.

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Email campaign gets B&B more positive reviews

How To Email Your Way To A Great B&B Review

The best way to build great reviews for your B&B is with an email campaign targeting guests after they have stayed at your property, here’s how.

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B&B reaches the right markets

How to ensure your B&B is reaching all the right markets

Distribution and marketing tactics every B&B should be using to expand their global reach and connect with the right markets.

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Why SEO Is So Valuable For Your B&B

SEO is one of the most valuable methods tools for marketing your B&B as it builds brand awareness, credibility, and increases website traffic and direct bookings.

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B&B responds to guests on Facebook messenger 24 hours a day

Why Your B&B Needs 24 Hour Responses On Facebook Messenger

Using Facebook Messenger tools to offer customers 24 hour responses at your B&B will improve your guest experience and increase brand engagement. Heres how…

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Hotel uses Facebook messenger for customer service

How Facebook Messenger Could Transform Your B&B’s Customer Service

Facebook messenger will transform your B&Bs customer service by building loyalty, engagement and optimising the guest experience.

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24-hour check in at B&B

Why your B&B would benefit from 24-hour check-in

Offering 24-hour check-in at your B&B can not only improve the guest experience but can also have a positive effect on RevPAR and direct bookings.

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B&B serving customers

5 Customer Service Techniques Your B&B Staff Should Be Using

Ensuring your B&B staff have great customer service techniques ensures that your business will yield profit and operate at the highest of industry standards.

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The Keys To Making Your B&B Look Professional

To meet guest expectations your B&B should look and feel professional. This means meeting industry standards and making sure to advertise your brand correctly.

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What Are The Best Ways To Attract More Extended Weekend And Mid-Week Stays?

B&B revenue management techniques must be fluid, adjusting for seasonal trends, market changes and traveler preferences.

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Bnb upsells using chatbots

How Using Chatbots Will Increase Upselling At Your B&B

Chatbots drive customer acquisition and brand advocacy which means they are a great tool for increasing upselling at your B&B. Here’s how…

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Mastering revenue management at a B&B

4 ways your B&B can master revenue management

Revenue management is the key to running a profitable B&B. Here’s Little Hotelier’s 4 tactics for hoteliers to master their revenue management.

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Happy holidays from Little Hotelier.

Little Hotelier Support: How to get in touch with us over Christmas and New Year

The Little Hotelier support teams are here to help you over the festive period. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then contact our global offices.

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How Visual Storytelling Will Increase Direct Bookings At Your B&B

Visual Storytelling will increase brand awareness, create a brand image that people remember and increase direct bookings at your B&B.

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Eliminating double bookings at B&Bs

How To Eliminate Double-Bookings At Your B&B

Using distribution, direct booking, and property management technology at your B&B will help with day-to-day property management and eliminate double-bookings.

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B&B chatbot proves to be just as effective as traditional customer service

Why chatbots are just as effective as traditional customer service

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their customers. They are as effective as traditional customer service as they improve the customer experience through 24-hour responses and personalization.

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B&B targets the right geographic markets

Is Your B&B Targeting The Correct Market Segments?

Your B&B distribution strategy should attract the most motivated travelers. Here’s how you can make sure you’re targeting the right markets.

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B&B chatbot

5 Things B&Bs Should Consider Before Using Chatbots

Before implementing a chatbot B&B’s should define their business objective and how they will use AI to achieve this. Here is what B&Bs need to consider…

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