Little Italy of Niagara Falls

The Little Italy of Niagara Falls increases efficiency & productivity with Little Hotelier’s all-in-one front desk & reservation system

In the heart of the Little Italy side of Niagara Falls, Jordan Churder runs his small bed and breakfast, aptly named the Little Italy of Niagara Falls.

This two-bedroom property has been newly renovated so that it has the most modern amenities, all without sacrificing its original charm.

“I came across a few front desk operation systems, and we looked at pricing, features, and customer service. Little Hotelier caught my eye because it absolutely caters to small hotels and bed and breakfasts. The others were built for much larger hotels.”

The Challenge

Coming from a background in hospitality, Jordan knew how to keep his rooms occupied. However, being a new startup, he quickly discovered that he needed a way to run his bed and breakfast more efficiently.

Jordan was struggling to manage his small property’s room inventory as he was selling across multiple channels.

“Bookings were coming through over the phone, directly online, and from online sales channels.”

He developed his own very manual system to cope, but it became too frustrating.

“I could never stop looking at my emails, because when one reservation came in on one of the portals, I would have to block off all of the other portals, and then I would have to put it into my Google calendar. If I didn’t do it, I would have a few double bookings, which is poor form – I don’t tolerate that.”

Not only was Jordan spending much of his time updating his availability, but he was also struggling to keep up with the regular guest communications he needed to do.

“After accepting the reservation and blocking off the online channels, I would then send the guest an initial confirmation email. I eventually made templates for this process but I had to do it every single time a reservation was made.”

In addition, all payments for direct payments had to be processed manually.

“I had to take all my payments to the physical register.”

The Solution

Jordan knew he needed to automate his booking processes to set his bed and breakfast up for success.

“It’s a common mistake for entrepreneurs to want to handle everything – but later on you learn that it’s better to distribute the job.”

He began his search for a suitable hotel reservation system that would fix his problems.

“I wanted to automate the entire process so that I didn’t have to worry about it. I needed a system that took care of it all for me, including the ability to automatically send all of the emails after a reservation comes through.”

Jordan compared several options, including Little Hotelier. He felt that it was more suited to properties of his size.

The fact that Little Hotelier’s pricing was very reasonable convinced Jordan that it was the perfect system to run his bed and breakfast.

“Little Hotelier covers everything I need at the perfect price point. It’s an automated system that consolidates all of my booking portals into one space and manages it so I don’t have to.”

The Results

With Little Hotelier, Jordan no longer worries about updating his availability, or doing tedious admin work.

Jordan is no longer tied to a desk because he can run his business from anywhere.

“The greatest value Little Hotelier has given me is the ability to be completely mobile. I could literally be anywhere in the world – I don’t have to be there physically.”

With his extra free time, Jordan spends time on his other entrepreneurial projects.

“The fact that I don’t have to worry about my bed and breakfast because of Little Hotelier is great, because I’m currently putting together two other businesses.”

Jordan is satisfied in his decision to go with Little Hotelier and has never looked back.

“Little Hotelier has made The Little Italy of Niagara Falls more efficient, and it has given me the opportunity to be mobile. I can manage my business and be out of the picture.”

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