What is a hotel website design company?

A hotel website design company is a business that offers specialised hotel web design services that help accommodation providers find more potential guests and secure more direct bookings. It is also known as a hotel website design agency or hotel website development firm.

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The value of hotel website design agencies

With the overwhelming majority of stays now booked over the internet, a hotel’s online presence has become the critical factor in its success. A website serves as the hub of that presence: the thing that your booking channels, business directory listings, social profiles, ads and marketing efforts link back to.

An expertly crafted hotel website is more likely to lure those potential guests in and convert them into paying customers. That’s why even small, independent hotels choose to partner with a hotel website design agency. These professionals know what works and what doesn’t, and have the skills to implement all the website functionality that a modern guest expects.

For small, independent hotels, hiring a hotel web design company might feel like a step too far, particularly when effective tools like Little Hotelier’s website builder are available. But this is an investment that can drive an incredible return, by creating a website that works as a 24/7 salesperson and booking manager.

If you’re a hotel that recognises the value of this investment, the question becomes where to find a quality hotel web design agency.

5 hotel website design companies for small hotels

At Little Hotelier we have a suite of hotel web design agency partners who have proven their ability to craft difference-making websites for small, independent accommodation providers.

Five of the very best are listed below.


As the name implies, RevenueGoal offers hotel website builds that place revenue growth front of mind. An Italian web developer and hotel consultancy, their process begins with a Revenue Check analysis, after which they identify the commercial and sales growth objectives that will form the basis of your website build.

  • In-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry and local tourism market.
  • Design websites that are structured to meet revenue goals and improve the ability for small hotels to win online bookings.
  • Not just a consultancy or web developer: RevenueGoal offers continuous training courses too.

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Based out of Cannes, France, Yvala is so much more than a hotel website development agency. This consultancy offers guidance on all aspects of your hotel business, including revenue management, training, project management and data visualisation, and therefore brings a more holistic approach to the website builds it takes on.

  • A human approach to the challenge of online hotel growth.
  • Deep and diverse experience in international hotel markets.
  • Offers an expert, external and objective view of your business.
  • A team with in-depth technical knowledge.

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Nex Design

While Nex Design doesn’t explicitly work with hotel businesses, this English web design firm has built up an enviable reputation within the hospitality industry, by offering beautiful, functional websites for a number of local and international hotels.

  • Capable of crafting fully functional business websites for any industry.
  • Integration of hotel-specific website tools to grow interest, leads and bookings.
  • Can integrate AI to drive clever and complex website behaviours.
  • Eye-catching, code-free animations.

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A German hospitality consultancy and hotel website development company, 9seemeilen (“9 nautical miles”) is focused on offering small and medium-sized hotel businesses with the expertise and resources they need to survive in what can be a demanding industry.

  • Website development informed by revenue management strategies.
  • In-depth revenue growth analysis and forecasts.
  • The ability to analyse and optimise web-based processes to ensure effective resource use.

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Le Peach

While Le Peach may be based out of Portugal, this is a truly international firm that offers hotel website design services to businesses around the world. With over a decade of experience in marketing, training and communication, Le Peach produces high-end hotel websites designed to convert.

  • Low- or no-code websites that hotels can edit and adapt themselves.
  • Connections to the most powerful web traffic analytics tools.
  • SEO included in all website builds.

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hotel website design company

Benefits of hiring a hotel website design agency

Why invest in partnering with a hotel website design company? There are a wealth of reasons, but here are six of the most compelling.

Enjoy a website designed to drive bookings

The best hotel website design firms, such as those listed above, tend to begin their builds with the same question: how do we drive more direct bookings? This informs every element of the design, every tool that is integrated, every piece of copy that is written. Direct bookings are also so much more valuable than OTA bookings, which see the likes of Booking.com and Expedia charging commission fees of 15%-25%.

Gain full functionality

With the big OTAs investing millions of dollars in their websites, guests of today are used to a certain level of hotel website functionality. By partnering with a hotel website design company you can ensure your website offers all the tools that a potential guest expects, and delivers a smooth user experience that will result in a lower bounce rate and fewer abandoned carts.

Make it more Google-friendly

Google is the first stop for many travellers looking for accommodation. They type in something like “hotel [location]” then let the search engine guide their journey. A hotel website design company will build you a search engine optimised (SEO) website that will get you ranking high on the Google results page for relevant search terms, significantly increasing site traffic which you can then convert into bookings.

Get the look you’re looking for

Your website is the digital face of your hotel business, so the aesthetic should match the vibe of your hotel, and the imagery should present your accommodation in the most alluring light possible. If you choose well, your hotel website design agency will perfectly align the look of your website with the feel of your hotel and the desires of your target clientele.

Avoid website issue Whack-A-Mole

Move a picture and the whole web page shifts. Add a new tool and another tool stops working. When you build your own site but lack a deep knowledge of how different elements of your website work together, you can find yourself constantly identifying and fixing website issues, only to then identify more. When a site is built properly from the get-go, such issues are minimised.

Earn more revenue

Ultimately, partnering with a hotel website design company can help you to earn more bookings, earn more money from each booking (because they’re made directly with you), and drive far more revenue for your business. In short, this is one of the most impactful investments any hotel can make.

Choosing the best hotel website design company for small accommodation providers

What should you look for when choosing a hotel website design company? A few of the most important considerations include:

  • Industry experience: Hotel website design is rather different from other forms of website design. In fact, it’s a skill set all its own. Choose a firm that specialises in hotel website design, and that is familiar with hotel-specific strategies and tools.
  • A proven track record: A successful hotel website design company will have a proven track record of success, and will be able to offer up examples of these successes, in the form of reviews, testimonials and case studies.
  • Honesty and transparency: The best design firms will be able to clearly explain the whats, whys and hows of their process before your website build starts. They will offer regular updates during the build, and ongoing support afterwards.
  • A focus on tech: From analysing visitor data to implementing tools that drive more direct bookings, the best hotel website design companies will be hotel tech experts who can integrate your site with everything from channel managers to front desk software.

By Dean Elphick

Dean is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist of Little Hotelier, the all-in-one software solution purpose-built to make the lives of small accommodation providers easier. Dean has made writing and creating content his passion for the entirety of his professional life, which includes more than six years at Little Hotelier. Through content, Dean aims to provide education, inspiration, assistance, and, ultimately, value for small accommodation businesses looking to improve the way they run their operations (and live their life).