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Stow House finds freedom with
Little Hotelier

On-demand video: COVID-19: The Road to Recovery

Little Hotelier, B&B Ireland, and Bed and Breakfast Coach Yvonne Halling (virtually) got together to discuss the road to recovery from the impact of COVID-19 on properties around the UK & Ireland. This webinar covers: – COVID-19 survival tips – What you can be doing today to prepare for tomorrow – Domestic travel – Frequently asked […]

More direct bookings

On-Demand Video: DIY Guide To Driving Direct Bookings

How can B&B’s get more bookings directly on their website? Learn tips in this on-demand video from Little Hotelier and increase your direct reservations.

Video On Demand: [10min Masterclass] Driving direct bookings at your small hotel

Take our free Little Hotelier 10 min masterclass and learn how you can drive more direct bookings to your small property this year and beyond!

On-Demand Video: The New Frontier of Online Distribution: Airbnb for Boutique Hotels and B&Bs

Little Hotelier discuss the changing marketplace for savvy hoteliers. Tune in to learn more about the benefits of Little Hotelier’s Airbnb connection.

Little Hotelier presents: Best Web Apps for your Accommodation Business [Webinar]

Join us for our webinar to see our picks for mobile apps that will help you spend more time with your guests!

VIDEO: The Traveler’s Journey to Your Property

Watch this on-demand webinar to understand the journey travelers go through online so that they can influence their booking decision.

What are the Best Booking Sites for Small Hotels and B&Bs? [Video]

Watch this video to learn which booking sites are most profitable for small accommodation providers like small hotels, bed and breakfasts, and inns.

The Evolving State of Metasearch in 2016 [Video]

Watch this video to learn how you can harness metasearch engines to drive occupancy at your small hotel.

What Are The Most Popular Amenities for Travelers in 2016? [Video]

Have a look at our on-demand video to learn which small hotel amenities are in high demand for the coming year.

How to Drive Guest Loyalty in 2016 [Video]

Watch this quick video to learn how to drive guest loyalty at your B&B for the coming year.

How to Attract More Health and Wellness Travelers in 2016 [Video]

Pick up some tips on how your B&B can satisfy an increasingly lucrative market of health and wellness travelers.

How to Attract More Chinese Travelers to Your B&B in 2016 [Video]

Pick up some tips on how your B&B can tap into the lucrative market of Chinese travelers.

FREE On-Demand Video: Top Trends in Travel in 2016

Watch this video to be prepared for 2016 by harnessing the hottest travel trends for revenue at your small hotel, bed and breakfast, inn, or guesthouse.

Beech Cottage Bed & Breakfast Takes Control of Online Bookings With an All-In-One Business Solution

Jeff Manning from Beech Cottage Bed & Breakfast shares his Little Hotelier experience at the Independent Hotel Show.

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