How to Get More Mobile Bookings at Your B&B

Mobile bookings are on the rise among travelers in nearly every segment.

It’s not only millennials, who were raised on ever-changing technology, but also business travelers and retirees who are relying more heavily on their mobile devices to book travel arrangements.

Your bed and breakfast website needs to be optimized for all mobile platforms, and you also need to accept mobile bookings.

Many people who are looking for last-minute options at a particular destination will be most interested in small hotels that allow them to book easily and conveniently from their phones or tablets.

Here’s how you can increase mobile bookings at your small hotel, bed and breakfast, inn or guesthouse…

Clearly display the total rate for a stay at your property

Recent studies reveal that up to 53% of travelers will abandon their bookings if the final cost of their room is not displayed until the end of the booking journey.

So instead of tacking on fees, taxes and other add-ons at the end of the booking process, be transparent and display your full rate — including all fees — on your main booking page.

This improves trust among your guests and will boost your mobile bookings.

Keep your booking form simple

When working on a mobile device, travelers don’t want to answer dozens of questions related to their stay. Instead, use a booking engine that allows you to implement a simple one-page process onto your website.

Names, contact information, arrival and departure dates and payment information is all that you need to reserve a room for your guests. Instead of bogging your form down with extra questions and additional form fields, keep it simple and watch your mobile bookings rise.

Improve your site speed

Mobile users, in particular, are partial to quick-loading sites. If your site does not load up on their phone within three seconds, they will likely abandon your page in search of another bed and breakfast.

Verify that your visual elements and multimedia components are not bogging down your site speed. When your website is quicker, you will attract more guests and see an improvement in your bounce rates.

Accept payments on your mobile site

From 2014 to 2015, the travel industry saw a significant increase in both mobile site visitors and mobile conversions.

Visitors increased by more than 60% and conversions increased by 24%, highlighting the importance of mobile optimization.

Guests who were not able to quickly and easily make a secure payment for their rooms were more likely to abandon their booking. Make sure your online payment process is seamless!

You may even want to consider accepting digital wallets, such as Android Pay or Apple Pay, to make it easier than ever for people to securely pay for their rooms on their mobile devices.

Looking for ways to drive mobile bookings? See how Little Hotelier’s all-in-one system works.

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