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Has your B&B responded to Google’s mobile-first approach?

Google never sleeps on making sure its in line with its users. The search giant is now taking a mobile-first approach to its algorithms.

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FREE downloadable guide: Little Hotelier’s All In One Business Solution

Download our FREE guide to Little Hotelier’s All In One Business Solution!

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Voice recognition is changing the industry – will it change your B&B?

While voice recognition is likely not at the top of your mind as you go about managing your B&B, it is having an impact on the industry you need to be aware of.

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10 examples of companies reinventing travel

In every industry there are companies that stand above the rest in delivering exemplary customer service or implementing unique ideas. Here 10 examples.

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How using a BOT on Facebook Messenger will increase direct bookings

Implementing chatbot technology into your business can be used to provide quick, reliable and accurate information to guests who are looking to book a room as fast as possible.

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Technology that you need to improve your B&B operations

5 solutions B&Bs still use which have become redundant

Manual, and labor-intensive, operations could be negatively affecting your B&B’s efficiency and bottom-line. These 5 B&B technology solutions could be the solution you need to improve the running of your business.

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B&B chatbot proves to be just as effective as traditional customer service

Why chatbots are just as effective as traditional customer service

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their customers. They are as effective as traditional customer service as they improve the customer experience through 24-hour responses and personalization.

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5 Things B&Bs Should Consider Before Using Chatbots

Before implementing a chatbot B&B’s should define their business objective and how they will use AI to achieve this. Here is what B&Bs need to consider…

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Guest entertainment in B&Bs

Discovering The Latest Trends In B&B Guest Entertainment

B&Bs need to be more aware of the devices their customers are using and work with this disruptive technology to formulate the ideal entertainment strategy.

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B&B achieves positive ROI after investing in cloud technology

Why Cloud Technology Will Guarantee Positive ROI At Your B&B

Cloud technology is a smart investment for your B&B as it makes life easier, increases bookings and revenue, and will guarantee a positive ROI.

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B&B uses a technology solution to improve productivity

Why B&B Technology Is The Extra Team You’ve Been Looking For

Technology solutions work as extra B&B team members by helping properties stand out from the competition, meet expectations and bring in more direct bookings.

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B&B capitlizes on m-commerce

How Can Your B&B Capitalize On ‘mcommerce’ Trends In Travel

With the latest trend towards ‘m-commerce’, your B&B needs to be optimised for bookings made on mobiles or tablet devices. Little Hotelier discusses…

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Travel industry trends for B&Bs

Travel Industry Refresher: Is Your B&B Keeping Up With The Trends?

Forbes has detailed its top travel trends for 2017. Here’s a quick refresher so you can capitalize on trends and appoint your B&B a competitive advantage.

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Technology making B&B owners life easier

Why New Technology Makes Life Easier At Your B&B

New technology to makes life easier at your B&B by ensuring you have the time to focus on your guests.

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Beautiful bed & breakfast that is using the latest technology

How B&Bs Can Stay Relevant In The World Of Technology

As technology evolves, B&B properties can feel like they’re being left behind. Here’s how you can keep up in the modern world.

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