How To Save Time By Queuing Your B&B Social Media Posts

B&B saves time by queuing their social media posts on scheduling software

Without extra time to spare each day, it’s difficult for hoteliers to regularly check and update their various B&B business social media accounts.

Queuing posts is a great way to take back your freedom because it drastically decreases the time needed to be spent at your desk.

You need to be visible all the time because social media doesn’t rest, and while you are sleeping your international customers are researching.

Learning how to queue your social media posts builds brand awareness and brings more traffic to your B&B business. Here are our three steps to success.

Step #1

Do some research to understand what your target audience are interested in seeing.

This can take a little time to figure out what works for you. As an accommodation provider, traffic to your page is likely to include those who are interested in travel and all the adventurous extras that come along with it.

Knowing this, you can use more general popular trends on social media and adapt this to your business.

Here are some ideas:

  1. A selfie with your whole staff at your B&B
  2. Throwback Thursday to advertise a successful event you hosted
  3. Bite-size videos of your property such as breakfast being prepared
  4. Repost/reblog/repin/retweet industry leaders and other local businesses in your area.

Step #2

Find A Queuing Program That Works Best For Your B&B Business.

Many social media accounts like Facebook allow you to schedule inside the application.

However, there are free programs out there like buffer, SocialOomph, and Hootsuite which enable you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place with many great added features. If you do choose to spend some money you can update your account for a small amount and access more detailed features:

Here are some highlights from a few of the free tools.


Pro: Allows you to set parameters and use autoscheduling, meaning your profiles never go dormant.

Con: Free version does not allow you to add images to posts


Pro: Great for beginners, holistic approach and contains a URL shortening feature.

Con: Free version only allows you to work with Twitter


Pro: Has the ability to schedule recurring posts

Con: Free profile limits you to ten posts at a time

Step #3

Stick To A Regular Schedule

Creating a schedule to post once or twice a day at the best time for your region means you will avoid frantic posts, allowing you to keep a high quality standard of content and build a consistent online presence.

For a lot of businesses the majority of social media activity will occur during the working week; Monday to Friday 9-5 pm. But it’s important to play with this to figure out when you receive the most engagement; this might end up being on weekends, early morning, or later at night.

Step #4

Stay Active

When you do login to your accounts, be sure to spend time liking and engaging in content relevant to your business page. This will show that your B&B is friendly and genuinely interested in your customers and followers.

Avoid posting questions or content that will need responses when you are not around and be sure to review everything you are scheduling.

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