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How to use Facebook Messenger Ads For Your B&B

Running an advertising campaign on Facebook messenger can prompt your potential guests to start a conversation with your B&B. Here’s how…

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B&B saves time by queuing their social media posts on scheduling software

How To Save Time By Queuing Your B&B Social Media Posts

Learning how to queue your B&B social media posts will save time, build brand awareness and bring more traffic to your business.

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How to Capture Travelers in Their Moments of Travel Planning

Travel plans can be made at many different places online and guests need to be targeted at all of them. Here’s some tips for your small hotel.

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Use Instagram Contests to Make Guests Compete for Your Small Hotel

Did you know that you can not only attract guests to your small hotel, but you can make them compete for it, too? Here’s how you can use Instagram competitions to get more guests staying at your property.

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Facebook Metrics: What Your Small Hotel Should Be Tracking And Why

Social media is a massive part of your small hotel or B&B marketing strategy. Find out what metrics to measure and why they’re important.

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Why Your Small Hotel Shouldn’t Fear Bad TripAdvisor Reviews

Are you worried about bad TripAdvisor reviews at your small hotel? Here’s why you shouldn’t be if you’re doing what you can to delight your guests.

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Should Your B&B Jump on the Snapchat Bandwagon?

The latest social media trend is Snapchat for hotels. Should your bed and breakfast jump on the bandwagon? Find out everything you need to know about Snapchat in this post.

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How To Use Hashtags to Promote Your Bed and Breakfast

Now that you’re on social media, what kind of hashtags should you use to promote your bed and breakfast? Here are some guidelines to follow.

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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Bed and Breakfast

If your bed and breakfast isn’t on Instagram yet, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Here’s how to harness it to raise awareness of your bed and breakfast.

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6 Ideas to Manage Your Small Hotel’s Reputation in the Online World [Guest Blog]

Joel Cordle, CEO of review leap, shares some great ways to manage your small hotel’s online reputation.

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How to Master Social Media for Your Bed & Breakfast

Here are the best ways to master the top social media sites for bed and breakfasts – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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3 Small Hotels Who Are Winning at Social Media

Struggling to find ways to use your small hotel’s social media profiles? Take some hints from these excellent examples.

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Timing & Content: Two Ways to Make Your Small Hotel’s Online Reviews Even Better

Here is some interesting new information that will help you take your small hotel’s online reviews to the next level.

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Small Hotels, Get Social to Increase Room Occupancy

Social media is here to stay, and if you use it correctly, it may even increase room occupancy at your small hotel!

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What Does TripAdvisor’s ‘Instant Booking’ Option Mean for Your Small Hotel?

Good news for small accommodation providers – you can now take advantage of TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking option on TripConnect.

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