Will Transformative Travel Be A Dominant 2017 Trend?

Every year, travel trends seem to take shape and take hold of the entire industry.

From hotels to tour operators, everyone involved in the industry attempts to take advantage of these trends. In 2016, the trend was experiential travel — forms of travel that allowed people to enjoy unique and authentic experiences throughout their journeys.

In 2017, hotel insights indicate that transformative travel may be the trend to keep an eye on.

What is Transformative Travel?

Transformative travel, in many ways, is similar to experiential travel. People who embark on transformative travel experiences are looking to interact with local cultures and focus on authentic experiences. However, transformative travel aims to take experiential travel a step further.

Ultimately, those who are focusing on a transformative trip are looking to be changed as a person as a result of the things they see, do, hear and learn along the way. In addition, they may even seek to change their destination by volunteering their time or offering to do good while they are visiting their chosen location.

Why Is It Quickly Becoming The Trend of 2017?

People across the world are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices, which means they are staying connected at all hours of the day and night.

While these connections can benefit their lives in many ways, it often leaves people feeling overworked and stressed out, as they are trying to balance the never-ending cycle of personal and professional notifications.

Transformative travel often focuses on people disconnecting, unplugging and simply immersing themselves in a destination in order to enjoy personal growth and development. In 2017, this is an idea and an experience that is appealing to many people from all different walks of life.

How Can Hotels And B&Bs Capitalize On This Trend?

Here’s a few ways hotels and B&Bs can adapt in order to take advantage of one of the most talked about travel trends of 2017:

  • Provide travelers with quiet places to reflect and consider their experiences. Many transformative travelers practice the art of journaling, and they appreciate having someplace peaceful to go and spend time with their thoughts.
  • Offer local experiences designed for solo travelers. For example, you may have a local chef come in to give private lessons to an individual who wants to learn more about cooking and culture in your destination.
  • Create local guides that give your guests insight into the community. Include any volunteer opportunities that might be available for travelers to enjoy.

Transformative travel allows those with wanderlust to do more than just tour the world and take photos in front of famous attractions.

It allows them to feel as if they are part of something greater than themselves, and that they are giving back while also enjoying their time away from home.

Hotels and B&Bs should keep an eye on this emerging travel trend, which is sure to have a large impact on the travel industry as a whole.

As more and more people seek to have valuable, authentic experiences while they are abroad, they are going to be turning to transformative travel options for their answers.

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