Attracting Solo Travelers to Your Small Hotel or B&B

Solo travelers are a powerful demographic — and they are increasing in numbers across the globe.

Small hotels, such as a bed and breakfasts, inns, and guesthouses, can benefit from specifically targeting this group within their marketing efforts.

Here’s what you need to know about these travelers and what you need to do to get them booking rooms at your small hotel!

Who are the Solo Travelers?

Solo travelers are an emerging group in the travel industry, as there are an increasing number of people who are single and not letting that stop them from visiting their favorite destinations.

Solo travelers use the experience of travel in a different way though. They are more apt to want to enjoy new experiences while they are abroad, and they focus on activities that allow them to be social and meet others.

Solo travelers are likely to be interested in niche travel experiences or specialty accommodations, such as a boutique hotel or B&B. They want to indulge in their own personal interests and hobbies while also taking an opportunity to explore a new destination.

How are other accommodation providers attracting them?

Recent studies revealed that the number of solo travelers has increased as much as 50% in some markets, and hotel brands across the globe are taking note.

In many cases, accommodation providers are adapting their public spaces and their amenities in order to appeal to travelers who may not be with anyone else.

Some are are creating lounge areas designed for singles to mingle, while others are scheduling events that give people an opportunity to enjoy a meal together, have a few drinks and learn something new on their trip.

By creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages interaction, hotels are able to bring more solo travelers to their property throughout the entire year.

What can you do to attract solo travelers?

Update your website to appeal to solo travelers. Make sure that all of the photos that you display aren’t groups of people having fun together, or families making memories. Add a few vivid, happy photographs of solo guests enjoying your grounds or exploring the local area.

Promote events on social media. Create events specifically designed for solo travelers, such as cocktail hours in the garden or trivia night in the lounge. Talk about them on social media in order to generate buzz!

Communicate with your guests prior to their stay and after their departure. After a guest books a room at your hotel, send them the information they need to know about making the most of their time in your community. Add in special events that you have coming up. Also send an e-mail after your guests check out to request feedback and remind them to come back again some day.

It’s important to understand that as a small hotel, you will be a more attractive option for travelers who are exploring the world without a partner. You provide them with more opportunities to socialize, meet new people and immerse themselves in the local culture.

For more information on targeting travel segments and attracting new guests, download our online marketing guide today.


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