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Why you might get more domestic bookings this Christmas

Sojern has released their final quarterly report, detailing the plans travellers have for the upcoming festive season. How will it affect your property?

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Travel trends your B&B can learn from this year

Trends and fads are not the same thing. Trends often establish themselves over a long period of time. Here are the travel trends that remain relevant for your B&B this year.

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boutique hotel B&Bs

New research shows how boutique hotels feel about working with Airbnb

New research has unveiled how small accommodation providers feel about working with OTAs and Airbnb. Get the full picture here.

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How you can make sure millennials are booking at your B&B

Millennials are younger travellers who are always connected online and looking for meaningful experiences. Here’s how to make sure they stay at your B&B or hotel.

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Improve B&B TripAdvisor rating

Boost Your B&B Rating With These 5 TripAdvisor Tips

81% of travelers think TripAdvisor reviews are important. Here are 5 tips to boost your B&B Trip Advisor rating…

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B&B targets the right geographic markets

Is Your B&B Targeting The Correct Market Segments?

Your B&B distribution strategy should attract the most motivated travelers. Here’s how you can make sure you’re targeting the right markets.

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How To Remove The 5 Types Of Friction And Increase Direct Bookings

One of the biggest barriers to creating the direct relationships small hotels need is guest friction. Here’s what you can do to combat this.

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Top Distribution Trends For Your B&B

Here are Little Hoteliers top 2017 trends for B&Bs to take note of when building their distribution strategies.

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The Difference Between Guests and Luxury Guests at Your B&B

If you want to attract luxury guests to your B&B and accept more revenue, you must first investigate the differences between them and your typical guest.

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Attracting Bookings: Should You Promote Your Destination Rather Than Your B&B?

For a traveler the destination is always the biggest thing on their mind, not necessarily their B&B accommodation. Think about this when you develop a marketing strategy.

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The 4 Types Of Guests That Will Stay At Your B&B

While all guests are unique there are four central traveler types that will walk through your doors. Find out what they are and how you can market to each of them respectively.

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5 Essential Learnings From Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations Report

A new top city destinations report has been released by research company Euromonitor International, providing some key insights into tourism growth and performance across the globe. Find out more in this blog.

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FREE eBook: The Traveler’s Journey to Your B&B

Insights into the traveler’s journey to your B&B.

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Key Travel Experiences: What are guests looking for from a holiday?

Leisure guests are simply looking to getaway, relax and indulge themselves in stress-free activities. As such, they want their trips to run as smoothly as possible. Learn how you can make this happen.

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chinese travelers

Why B&Bs Should Feel Optimistic About Chinese Travelers

The power of the Chinese travelers is only set to grow, with outbound expenditure expected to skyrocket. Make sure your property gets a slice of the pie.

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