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Millennial travellers booking hotel on phone and through social media

B&B Marketing: The Truth About Millennials

The continued emergence of millennial travelers has meant there is a large spotlight on them. It’s now easy to discover their behaviour and how to market to them as this Little Hotelier blog explains.

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The Difference Between Guests and Luxury Guests at Your B&B

If you want to attract luxury guests to your B&B and accept more revenue, you must first investigate the differences between them and your typical guest.

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Attracting Bookings: Should You Promote Your Destination Rather Than Your B&B?

For a traveler the destination is always the biggest thing on their mind, not necessarily their B&B accommodation. Think about this when you develop a marketing strategy.

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5 Small Features At Your B&B That Can Make A Big Difference

Cutting edge technology can improve guest experience at your B&B, but sometimes small and thoughtful touches leave a more lasting impression.

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New report finds B&Bs offer exceptional value to guests

While all-inclusive holidays may seem an attractive option for travelers, your B&B is probably better value. Here’s how you can convince your guests.

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Does It Pay To Make Your B&B Pet Friendly?

Pet-friendly accommodation is a more serious consideration than you may think. Here’s how you can cater to animal lovers at your B&B.

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New Social Media Marketing Trends For Your B&B

Social media is a powerful motivator for travelers and a very useful tool for B&Bs to capture bookings. Here are the latest tactics you can use.

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How to Capture Travelers in Their Moments of Travel Planning

Travel plans can be made at many different places online and guests need to be targeted at all of them. Here’s some tips for your small hotel.

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Use Instagram Contests to Make Guests Compete for Your Small Hotel

Did you know that you can not only attract guests to your small hotel, but you can make them compete for it, too? Here’s how you can use Instagram competitions to get more guests staying at your property.

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B&B achieves positive ROI after investing in cloud technology

Why Cloud Technology Will Guarantee Positive ROI At Your B&B

Cloud technology is a smart investment for your B&B as it makes life easier, increases bookings and revenue, and will guarantee a positive ROI.

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B&B uses a technology solution to improve productivity

Why B&B Technology Is The Extra Team You’ve Been Looking For

Technology solutions work as extra B&B team members by helping properties stand out from the competition, meet expectations and bring in more direct bookings.

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B&B capitlizes on m-commerce

How Can Your B&B Capitalize On ‘mcommerce’ Trends In Travel

With the latest trend towards ‘m-commerce’, your B&B needs to be optimised for bookings made on mobiles or tablet devices. Little Hotelier discusses…

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