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Improve B&B TripAdvisor rating

Boost Your B&B Rating With These 5 TripAdvisor Tips

81% of travelers think TripAdvisor reviews are important. Here are 5 tips to boost your B&B Trip Advisor rating…

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B&B targets the right geographic markets

Is Your B&B Targeting The Correct Market Segments?

Your B&B distribution strategy should attract the most motivated travelers. Here’s how you can make sure you’re targeting the right markets.

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How To Remove The 5 Types Of Friction And Increase Direct Bookings

One of the biggest barriers to creating the direct relationships small hotels need is guest friction. Here’s what you can do to combat this.

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Customer loyalty

Loyalty programs at your B&B: Discounts vs. perks

Loyalty programs can be very simple and effective but it can also hard to know the best approach to take when creating one for your guests. Here’s some advice for your B&B.

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The Benefits Of Managing Your B&B From A Mobile App

Mobile apps are designed to make everything easier. Since user experience and convenience are at the core of their design, it’s definitely worth using one to manage your B&B.

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5 Small Features At Your B&B That Can Make A Big Difference

Cutting edge technology can improve guest experience at your B&B, but sometimes small and thoughtful touches leave a more lasting impression.

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How to use Facebook Messenger Ads For Your B&B

Running an advertising campaign on Facebook messenger can prompt your potential guests to start a conversation with your B&B. Here’s how…

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B&B saves time by queuing their social media posts on scheduling software

How To Save Time By Queuing Your B&B Social Media Posts

Learning how to queue your B&B social media posts will save time, build brand awareness and bring more traffic to your business.

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New Social Media Marketing Trends For Your B&B

Social media is a powerful motivator for travelers and a very useful tool for B&Bs to capture bookings. Here are the latest tactics you can use.

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How using a BOT on Facebook Messenger will increase direct bookings

Implementing chatbot technology into your business can be used to provide quick, reliable and accurate information to guests who are looking to book a room as fast as possible.

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Technology that you need to improve your B&B operations

5 solutions B&Bs still use which have become redundant

Manual, and labor-intensive, operations could be negatively affecting your B&B’s efficiency and bottom-line. These 5 B&B technology solutions could be the solution you need to improve the running of your business.

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B&B chatbot proves to be just as effective as traditional customer service

Why chatbots are just as effective as traditional customer service

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their customers. They are as effective as traditional customer service as they improve the customer experience through 24-hour responses and personalization.

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