A city that has both a rich colonial heritage and a vibrant modern edge, there’s something for everyone in San Antonio, which is what makes it such a popular tourist destination.

Whether a traveler is in town to see its famous historic sites, wander along the river, catch some sports or simply soak in the essence of San Antonio, they rarely leave disappointed. 

That’s particularly the case if they hit up the stunning sights, sounds and experiences we’ve brought together below.

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Best things to do in San Antonio

While the definition of ‘must-see’ will change from person to person, some San Antonio attractions are nevertheless more famous, and therefore more important to visitors, than others. The most famous of all is The Alamo, a Spanish mission that turned into a battlefield in 1836 during the fight for Texan independence. Then there’s the stunning San Antonio River Walk, a gorgeous area on the waterfront dedicated to drinking, dining, entertainment and fun. And in the subterranean Natural Bridge Caverns visitors can enjoy the most gorgeous natural wonder of the greater San Antonio area.

Things to do on a weekend in San Antonio

Those who have just a night or two in town will want to make the most of their time. Aside from the big ticket items mentioned above, there are a number of other spots that short-term tourists should really check out. Mission San Jose is a gorgeous historical site that often hosts free concerts. Speaking of gorgeous, no spot is more beautiful than San Antonio Botanical Garden, which stretches its greenery over 38 acres. And if the city’s most beloved (and successful) sports team, the Spurs, happen to be playing, guests can aim for AT&T Center to check them out!

Fun things to do in San Antonio

Those looking for no-holds-barred fun on their San Antonio adventure are in luck. There’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, a whacky collection of fun facts, tall tales and general curios. San Antonio Zoo is known as the best in Texas, and one of the finest in the entire country, with 750 species spread across 54 acres. And staying on the animal theme, while the focus might be on reptilia, Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo actually has a huge array of creatures, including primates, big cats and a collection of cute and fluffy stuff at the on-site petting zoo.

Things to do in San Antonio with kids

If travelers know where to look, San Antonio turns into a particularly family-friendly destination. Any kid who’s a fan of the plastic bricks will be in heaven at LEGOLAND Discovery Center where their creativity can run wild. Everything guests need to know about The DoSeum is neatly summed up in its name – the ‘no touching’ signs are thrown out the door at this child-friendly exhibit. The same can be said for McKenna Children’s Museum, a science-focused attraction ready to blow the minds of kids and adults alike, and where visitors pack their brains full of knowledge without knowing it.

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Things to do in San Antonio for free

There’s no need for a guest to break the bank in San Antonio – there are a wealth of free activities ready to fill travelers’ days. Found north of the city, Brackenridge Park is a stunning, sprawling green space that has been playing host to humans for over 12,000 years, and that now offers trails, sports fields, playgrounds and even a miniature train. Hemisfair is a public fun park where locals meet and play. And for the architecturally-inclined, the almost three-century-old San Fernando Cathedral is always popular.

Things to do in San Antonio for couples

Whether a couple is in town for fun, relaxation or romance, San Antonio offers up a wealth of experiences that are perfect for pairs. The Japanese Tea Gardens were established in 1901 and have been providing locals with beauty, peace and tranquillity ever since. Guests can step back in time at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Texas that features four perfectly preserved missions. And couples with a taste for aesthetics and history will love the San Antonio Museum of Art, which traces the journey of art through the last 5000 years.

Things to do in San Antonio at night

The warm nights that San Antonio enjoys for six months of the year make it a perfect place to explore after dark. Visitors can do so in style on a San Antonio River Boat Cruise, floating down the vibrant waterway that forms the city’s main artery. Pearl Brewery is less a pub than it is an entertainment complex, and is perfect for a night of drinking, dining and shopping. And for an ultra-classy way to spend an evening, guests should check out Majestic Theatre, an ornate, Mediterranean-inspired playhouse that hosts a wide variety of live shows.

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Things to do in San Antonio during summer

As the most southern of Texas’s major cities, the heat is well and truly on in San Antonio in summer. But travelers shouldn’t fret, as respite can be found in a number of places. The water-based attractions at SeaWorld, from animal encounters to water slides, are a great place to start. Speaking of slides, visitors will be literally swimming in them, and a wealth of other water park thrill rides, at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. And for a watery encounter that keeps you out of the heat yet dry at the same time, San Antonio Aquarium is something visitors have to sea to believe.

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