Famed for being “the city of theme parks”, Orlando is Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and more than a dozen other theme parks and water parks. 

But that’s not the only reason to visit this Floridian city, in America’s southwest; known as the Sunshine State, it’s always sunny (or sunnier) in Florida. With most, if not all, accommodation providers featuring air conditioning for the comfort of guests and pets alike, and an endless list of pet-friendly activities, restaurants, and parks throughout the city, there’s a lot to love about Orlando, and indeed, Florida.

So where are the city’s best pet-friendly hotels? Read on to discover which hotels visitors are likely to choose.

What are the best pet-friendly hotels in Orlando?

For people who can’t bear to leave their furry friend behind at home while they travel, Orlando is a great choice as there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels in the city.

The iconic 4-star Castle Hotel, Autograph Collection is located on Orlando’s popular Universal Boulevard and is one of the most pet-friendly hotels in the city. The spacious, well appointed rooms provide a relaxing way to wind down after an action-packed day with your four-legged friend.

As the name suggests, the 3-star Hyatt Place across from Universal Orlando Resort is conveniently located directly across the street from Universal Orlando, and is proudly pet-friendly. 

The instantly recognisable world-famous Walt Disney World Resort has a number of pet-friendly hotels on-site, with a variety of accommodation options and dog-minding facilities onsite ready to look after your furry friend while you enjoy a day at the theme park. But before getting too excited, know that these accommodation options are in extremely high demand, and are limited in supply, meaning that it can be difficult to find a pet-friendly room at Walt Disney World Resort at short notice. 

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Is Walt Disney World Resort pet-friendly?

While Walt Disney World is the legendary star of Orlando’s theme park line-up, the theme park itself is not expressly pet friendly, with the key word here being “pet”. 

Service animals, such as a seeing-eye guide dog used by a blind person are permitted, with Disney themselves saying “Other than service animals, dogs are not permitted in theme parks, water parks or common areas such as restaurants, pools and recreational spaces.

However, dog lovers can indeed stay with their beloved pets at select dog-friendly Disney resorts (up to a maximum of two dogs per guest room), with designated buildings, floors, and blocks of rooms at four resorts on the Walt Disney World Resort property. Each dog-friendly Disney hotel provides easy access to outdoor dog relief areas and signposted dog walks. 

Walt Disney World hotels in Orlando that are pet-friendly include:

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Key considerations for guests when booking a pet-friendly hotel

“We’re pet-friendly!” a hotel exclaims, before handing the guest a 10 page document of rules, regulations and restrictions. The fact is that every hotel, airline and local government has a slightly different definition of what ‘pet-friendly’ means, which can unfortunately make a holiday a complicated affair. This is what travelers will be factoring in:

  • Terms and conditions: Before booking a hotel (or a flight), a traveler should read the fine print carefully. Are there size, weight, species or breed restrictions? Do pets need to be on leashes? Are they restricted to certain areas?
  • Fees: Pet fees can vary greatly from hotel to hotel (and airline to airline). Some charge by the pet or by the night. Others charge a flat rate. Others don’t charge fees at all. A traveler needs to know exactly what they need to pay before they leave.
  • Local area: Some destinations are more pet-friendly than others. A city like Charlotte will generally be more welcoming to pets than a national park that has delicate ecosystems to protect. A traveler should be aware of local rules, and check that pet supply stores, pet-friendly amenities, green spaces and vets are available nearby.

How to make it known your hotel accepts pets

If you run a pet-friendly property, how do you tell travelers? A couple of decades ago this could be a tricky question with an often expensive answer. But thanks to the internet, and in particular Google, it’s never been easier to put the name of your pet-friendly hotel up in lights.

Type “pet-friendly hotel [YOUR CITY]” into Google Maps. If your hotel doesn’t come up as a result, it means that Google is unaware your property is pet-friendly. Alerting the search engine is a simple matter of mentioning the fact on your website using keywords like ‘pet-friendly’ and ‘dog-friendly’.

Devoting a web page to the subject is the best way to ensure Google recognizes your pet-friendliness. Such a page also allows you to outline your terms, conditions and fees to ensure a guest knows exactly what they’re getting into. This transparency can help a hotel to secure far more bookings than they otherwise might.

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