Famous for finance, sports and southern hospitality, Charlotte attracts tens of millions of visitors to North Carolina every year. And many of those travelers walk on four legs, not two.

Charlotte is a pet-friendly city. Green spaces are sprinkled throughout the metro area, which is surrounded by nature on all sides, most notably the Catawba River on the city’s western edge. Charlotte also boasts a hotel scene built to service the steady stream of pet-owners who visit.

But what are pet owners considering when planning a visit to Charlotte, and which are the very best of the city’s pet-friendly hotels? Read on to find out.

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What is the best area to stay in Charlotte with pets?

The area in which a guest chooses to stay will shape their Charlotte experience. Some of the very best for pet owners include:

  • Uptown: Central Charlotte is packed with famous sites, including Bank of America Stadium, the Mint Museum and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. First Ward, Fourth Ward and Romare Bearden Parks, meanwhile, offer places for travelers and their pets to stretch their legs.
  • Ballantyne: Visitors can wine and dine amongst the cream of Charlotte society by choosing to stay in beautiful Ballantyne, home to many of the city’s wealthiest residents. As is expected from an affluent area, green spaces and pet-friendly amenities abound.
  • SouthPark: Both pooch and owner will be pampered in SouthPark, a Charlotte suburb known as a shopper’s delight. From the boutique shopping and experiences offered at Phillips Place and Morrison, to sprawling SouthPark Mall, a visitor can take their pets (almost) anywhere.

What are the best pet-friendly hotels in Charlotte?

No matter whether a guest brings a dog, cat, bird or reptile, the perfectly luxe Tryon Park Hotel in Uptown is ready to welcome all with open arms. This is a truly pet-friendly hotel: there are no size or weight restrictions (“as long as they fit in the elevator”), no limit on the number of pets allowed in each room, and not even a deposit or cleaning fee!

Housed in a shiny, contemporary skyscraper, The Westin Charlotte is a modern, stylish, upscale hotel that places guests amongst the city’s most famous sites. And for $50 per night a pet that weighs less than 50lb/23kg can join in the fun too! Dogs cannot be left alone in the room however, and travelers will need to sign a waiver at check in.

Renaissance Charlotte SouthPark Hotel is a boutique option that perfectly matches the affluent vibes of the surrounding neighbourhood, and guests can enjoy it with their whole family – paws and all. Up to two dogs are allowed in each room for a flat fee of $75, no matter the length of stay.

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Key considerations for guests when booking a pet-friendly hotel

“We’re pet-friendly!” a hotel exclaims, before handing the guest a 10 page document of rules, regulations and restrictions. The fact is that every hotel, airline and local government has a slightly different definition of what ‘pet-friendly’ means, which can unfortunately make a holiday a complicated affair. This is what travelers will be factoring in:

  • Terms and conditions: Before booking a hotel (or a flight), travelers will read the fine print carefully. Are there size, weight, species or breed restrictions? Do pets need to be on leashes? Are they restricted to certain areas?
  • Fees: Pet fees can vary greatly from hotel to hotel (and airline to airline). Some charge by the pet or by the night. Others charge a flat rate. Others don’t charge fees at all. A traveler needs to know exactly what they need to pay before they leave.
  • Local area: Some destinations are more pet-friendly than others. A city like Charlotte will generally be more welcoming to pets than a national park that has delicate ecosystems to protect. A traveler needs to be aware of local rules, and check that pet supply stores, pet-friendly amenities, green spaces and vets are available nearby.

How to make it known your hotel accepts pets

If you run a pet-friendly property, how do you tell travelers? A couple of decades ago this could be a tricky question with an often expensive answer. But thanks to the internet, and in particular Google, it’s never been easier to put the name of your pet-friendly hotel up in lights.

Type “pet-friendly hotel [YOUR CITY]” into Google Maps. If your hotel doesn’t come up as a result, it means that Google is unaware your property is pet-friendly. Alerting the search engine is a simple matter of mentioning the fact on your website using keywords like ‘pet-friendly’ and ‘dog-friendly’.

Devoting a web page to the subject is the best way to ensure Google recognises your pet-friendliness. Such a page also allows you to outline your terms, conditions and fees to ensure a guest knows exactly what they’re getting into. This transparency can help a hotel to secure far more bookings than they otherwise might.

What is the best time of year to travel to Charlotte with a pet?

Charlotte is home to a classically southern climate, with brisk winters and hot and humid summers. Its position above the Gulf of Mexico means precipitation is perfectly regular throughout the year.

Travelling with a pet is perhaps most comfortable during the transitional season of autumn, particularly early-autumn when the summer warmth has yet to give way to the winter chill. While total precipitation is about the same in autumn as at other times of year, there are slightly fewer rainy days. There’s also nothing quite like the feeling of rolling around in freshly fallen leaves (for both owner and pet!)

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