There’s no question, Perth is very much en vogue. The ‘City Of Light’ has seen a dramatic rise in popularity in recent times, and now competes on an even playing field with Australia’s other major tourist destinations, despite the considerable isolation (or perhaps because of it). 

But this surge in tourist interest has come with extra demand, fierce competition, and modernised hospitality expectations; and nowadays, many travellers are seeking out a more intimate, personalised accommodation experience, such as those offered by boutique hotels.

Join us as we take a look at some of the best boutique hotels on offer for visitors to Perth.

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Best boutique hotels in Perth’s city centre

Perth is famous for its golden shores and white sandy beaches; but looking further inland, Perth’s city centre is a standout in its own right. 

From the easily recognisable skyline and iconic Perth Bell Tower, to the majestic Swan River that runs through the city, the heart of Perth is a great place to stay – whether in town for a night, a weekend, a week, or a month, there’s plenty for guests to see and do.

Some of the very best boutique hotels in the Perth city include:

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Best boutique hotels in Fremantle

Originally founded as Perth’s sister city and the commercial port gateway to Western Australia, Fremantle is a charming historic yet fully functional maritime district, which is now part of the larger Perth metropolitan area.

Owing to its tourist appeal and historic maritime heritage, the port city is known for having more than its share of first-class boutique hotels. 

Here are some of the best boutique hotels in Fremantle:

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Best boutique hotels for wine tours around Perth

Perth is fortunate in that it lies within close proximity to some of Australia’s best wine country; Swan Valley, Avon Valley, and Perth Hills are all celebrated wine producing regions, with most (if not all) vineyards offering wine tours and tastings, and the ability to trace the bottle back to the source and “meet the makers”.

Swan Valley is the most prominent of the three wine regions, and has the largest number of boutique accommodation on offer. Some fantastic boutique hotels in Swan Valley include:

Within Avon Valley, chic accommodation can be found at these properties:

While there are not any boutique hotels operating within the Perth Hills wine region at the time of writing, unique accommodation experiences can be found at these properties:

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