How your small business can switch property management systems

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Hey there, this is an exciting time for your business! Choosing a new way to manage your property is a huge decision that can be daunting and stressful, but also very rewarding in the long run.

Whether you’re moving away from manual methods to take up better technology as a solution or switching providers, you’re in the right place. There’s a few reasons you might be switching:

  • You don’t currently use technology and want to make things easier
  • You want to grow your business and your current system isn’t adapting 
  • Your current system has too much of what you don’t need (it’s too complex)
  • Or doesn’t offer the features you want
  • Your current system is sunsetting
  • You are managing a new business and want to use a system you’re more familiar with
  • Your current system is draining you of time and freedom because it’s too manual

We’ll guide you through the process and hopefully by the end of this blog you’ll have all the confidence in the world to take your business forward with a new property management system.

Let’s get started.

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Changing your hotel management system has never been easier!

Today, it’s much easier to switch between tech solutions than in the past thanks to cloud technology. Up until a decade or so ago, running your hotel business on a computer system meant running it on clunky, server-based systems. If you wanted to switch to a new one, it could be extremely time consuming and disruptive to daily operations. This difficulty often resulted in businesses holding onto outdated systems for too long.

With the arrival of cloud technology switching can be simple and seamless, with a much stronger solution after implementation too. Cloud solutions offer an unrivalled level of connectivity and efficiency, and with flexible payment models and automatic free updates, running a cloud-based system is pain-free.

Your main focus about switching should not revolve around fears of cost or disruption, but rather choosing the best new solution for your property.

Start with testing out your potential alternatives

Provided that you don’t use a current system that has locked you into a contract you should test the solution you’ve identified as a frontrunner if they offer a free period. This will let you experience the products free of risk and free of charge. You’ll be able to learn to use the systems and assess the pros and cons. You never want to go in blind so be sure to understand all the features and functionality of providers you’re considering. 

It’s important that your new solution is a robust brand that will allow your business to keep growing by continually updating and improving their product. Do your potential providers have a history of success and respect within the industry? 

The best thing about a free period is that if you decide to proceed with the investment, you can hit the ground running with your setup and training already done.

Plan ahead to make the switch as painless as possible

As we said, cloud technology makes taking up a new solution much quicker and simpler in the past, but you still need to go through a migration process that takes a little time.

Of course, it depends on the nature of your current situation. Moving from manual management to a tech-based management system will be relatively seamless, but switching from tech to tech is slightly more complex.

You’ll need to make sure you have everything ready to go but you should rely on your new provider to help out with the transition as much as possible. Things like guest profiles, channel connections, rooms and rates, and reservations will need to be imported to the new system. Identify providers who will provide a guided step-by-step process for this, making it easy for you.

A good action plan is to also make the switch when your property is at minimum productivity, such as the low season at your destination. This means any disruption to operations will have less impact and you have more time to focus on the sign-up process.

If you hit any stumbling blocks it’s important to remember why you’re making the switch – for the greater benefit of your business. Ultimately, with a reliable technology provider, your property will thrive and your personal life will thank you for all the time you get back from having an automated solution.

Don’t rush the switch

It’s crucial to make the right choice for your business so there’s no need to be in a hurry to dive into a new system. It can pay to choose some potential options and research them thoroughly. 

Sign-up to their newsletters and follow them on social media to get a sense of what kind of brand they are and if they will support your needs. It’s important to choose a provider that is always innovating, updating, simplifying, and moving forward on a mission for their customers.

If Little Hotelier is one the options you’re considering to make your switch a success, read about our recent brand update here where we’ve restated our purpose and commitment to making small hotels achieve big things, or subscribe to the blog to get free tips and updates.

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