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What is hotel technology and how can it simplify life at your small property?

Thinking about technology in the general sense can often be scary. Technology can seem complex, expensive, and hard to master. When you start thinking about using tech to run your property, instead of the methods you’re used to, it’s natural to feel apprehensive.

Top management tips for small hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs

One way to improve your day to day business management is to be efficient with time, so we won’t waste any of yours. This blog will dot-point plenty of ideas you can use to run your property better, with more confidence and peace of mind. We hope it helps you solve for a better way of working.

Demystifying cloud technology and the advantages of using it at your small property

Cloud technology stores and processes data and information on the internet rather than any physical space such as a computer. Learn how it can work for you.

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