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Optimise your hotel's website for mobile and tablet devices helps with SEO

7 Web Design and SEO Best Practices For Your B&B

Optimizing SEO and web design at your small hotel is vital for driving traffic and attracting bookings. Use these tips at your property to boost revenue.

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Attracting Groups To Your B&B: How To Tailor Your Offering For People Traveling Together

Attracting and securing group bookings at your small hotel is a great way to maximise occupancy and revenue. Here are some tactics you can try.

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3 tips for driving bookings from email campaigns at your B&B

Email campaigns can produce big rewards for a small amount of spend if executed correctly. Check out these handy tips from Little Hotelier.

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Social Media FAQs: Essential Twitter Tips For B&Bs

With the power of social media your B&B can be found and ‘shopped’ to a much wider audience than you realise. Find out how Twitter can be used to market your property.

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Social Media FAQs: Essential Instagram Tips For Small B&Bs

Find the best Instagram tips for your small property in this blog post, which explains why photo-sharing is such a powerful draw for consumers.

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Answering your questions about social media marketing with Facebook tips for small hotels

Social Media FAQs: Essential Facebook Tips For B&Bs

Social media is just as useful for small hotels and B&Bs as it is for large companies. Learn how to get the most out of Facebook for your property.

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Images of travel

Why images are key to your B&B’s online bookings success

The images of your property can make or break a booking decision. Entice your potential guests with interesting and engaging website images.

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B&B's website

Are you Treating your B&B’s Website as Your Number 1 Channel?

Your B&B website is potentially the most valuable booking channel at your disposal and you have to treat it as such to receive the rewards. Find out more.

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How To Remove The 5 Types Of Friction And Increase Direct Bookings

One of the biggest barriers to creating the direct relationships small hotels need is guest friction. Here’s what you can do to combat this.

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