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Little Hotelier’s COVID-19 toolkit: Overcoming Coronavirus with strong measures for today, and readiness for tomorrow

COVID-19 is hitting the industry hard. Read our guide to find out what measures you can take now and in the future to help your business cope.

How to start and run a motel: Complete guide for small property operators

Starting a whole new motel business and running it day to day is understandably daunting. Read this complete guide to make the process easier.

Happy Holidays! Here’s our best content of 2019…

It was a big year in 2019 and there was a lot of content produced for small hoteliers. Here’s a selection of the most popular blogs.

B&B marketing

B&B marketing: A complete guide to marketing for your small property

B&B marketing is an essential part of making sure you sell enough rooms and make enough revenue at your property. See all the tactics you can use here.

Hotel check in: Your complete guide to processes, strategies, and software

The approach towards hotel check-in is changing, since the behaviour of travellers is changing and hoteliers need to understand what’s happening.

Using a channel manager at your B&B: Everything you need to know

Learn everything about an essential piece of B&B software; a channel manager. This blog will explain channel managers and how they can help your business.

Complete guide to bed and breakfast website design at your property

Get the complete guide to website design at your B&B in this blog. Everything you need to know to optimise your property’s website.


Online credit card processing guide for small hotels and B&Bs

Online credit card processing capability is essential in a world where most guests want to book online.  People who book online are all about convenience – and that includes having access to a simple, user-friendly and secure payment process. In fact, convenient payment processing is top of mind for travellers who book online regularly. You […]

What is the best channel manager for small hotels?

The demand to sell rooms online through many channels means a channel manager is the go-to solution when small hotels migrate their property management.

What is the best hotel management system?

By now you’ve realised the most effective way to manage the daily operations of your property isn’t through manual means, but via hotel management system.

What is the best front desk system for small hotels?

Moving from slow, manual processes to a centralised, automated front desk system is the best choice you can make for your small hotel.

What is the best hotel check in software?

A guest’s arrival at your property is the most important part of their customer journey. You need check in software that can help them feel welcomed.


Property management system (PMS): Complete guide for B&Bs, motels and small hotels

To increase front desk efficiency and improve the guest experience at your property, it’s essential to have a property management system (PMS) in place. Whether you’re familiar with the term “PMS” already or have only just heard of it, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll start with the basics of what this technology is, delve […]

What is the best guesthouse software?

Your guest house will certainly see the benefits of using cloud-based management software – now you just have to choose the right product.

What is the best motel management system?

Migrating to a cloud-based system to manage your motel is the right long-term decision for your business – now it’s just a matter of choosing your provider.

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