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Customer loyalty

Loyalty programs at your B&B: Discounts vs. perks

Loyalty programs can be very simple and effective but it can also hard to know the best approach to take when creating one for your guests. Here’s some advice for your B&B.

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How to create a consistent social media strategy for your B&B

Consistency is the key to building a large social media audience and maintaining a high level of engagement from your followers. Here are the tips you need at your B&B.

B&B improves their pricing strategies

5 intelligent pricing strategies for your B&B

For small hotels or B&Bs every dollar counts, so make sure your pricing strategies are producing the best results possible for your property. Here are some tips.

The dos and don’ts of listing your property on Airbnb

Creating your listing on Airbnb is an extremely important task to get right if you want to capitalise on the huge amount of traffic visiting on the platform.

Why B&B customers are expecting flexible check-in and check-out times

Guests increasingly want convenience and customisation when it comes to travelling. By offering flexible check-in and check-out times, you’ll be appealing to this sense of freedom.

Why connecting to Airbnb can benefit your B&B

Connecting to Airbnb via a real-time integration presents an exciting distribution and revenue opportunity for boutique hotels and B&Bs.

5 Customer Service Tips Your B&B Can Take From the Airline Industry

The airline industry goes to great lengths to make sure its customer service is as close to perfect as it can get. Here are the lessons your B&B can take away and apply every day.

The Benefits Of Managing Your B&B From A Mobile App

Mobile apps are designed to make everything easier. Since user experience and convenience are at the core of their design, it’s definitely worth using one to manage your B&B.

Quick And Easy Ways To Cater for Food Allergies At Your B&B

Food allergies are extremely prevalent across the world, especially common issues such as gluten, dairy, or nut intolerance. It’s important your B&B can cater for any guest who suffers from an allergy.

Essential Reporting Strategies

Essential Reporting Strategies to Maximise Your B&B Revenue

Accurate and analytical reporting strategies are vital for tracking metrics and maintaining a successful revenue strategy at your B&B.

B&B secure website

Is your B&B website HTTPS secure? Here’s what you need to know

Google is cracking down on non-secure websites here’s how to ensure your B&B meets the requirements.

Customer loyalty program increases direct bookings at a B&B

How a Rewards Program At Your B&B Could Increase Bookings

Rewards programs have long been used to increase direct bookings at hotels and B&Bs. But are they really effective? And how can they be achieved properly?

5 Simple Tips to Excite Guests About the Interior of Your B&B

Interior design is an important aspect for your B&B, given how critical it is to give guests a good impression of your property during their stay.

What really motivates B&B staff

Your staff are the face of your B&B and have a direct impact on your guests’ experience. That’s why staff motivation should be a top priority when managing your B&B.

How using a BOT on Facebook Messenger will increase direct bookings

Implementing chatbot technology into your business can be used to provide quick, reliable and accurate information to guests who are looking to book a room as fast as possible.

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