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B&B management basics: Facebook marketing explained

If you aren’t already marketing your B&B on Facebook, here’s a quick introduction on why it’s so useful for your business.

B&B management basics: How to list your B&B on TripAdvisor

Listing your property on TripAdvisor is almost essential if you want to capture a competitive amount of bookings. Here’s how to get started with your B&B

B&B management basics: What is rate parity?

Rate parity is something most B&B operators find hard to escape. Here is everything you should know right now.

How to distribute your B&B’s inventory most efficiently

Effective and efficient distribution is vital for the success of your B&B. Here’s some advice for you to follow at your property.

Why persistence is key when it comes to B&B marketing

Most travellers are going to do significant research online before they book so you need to be persistent. Here’s how to maintain focus…

Managing your TripAdvisor reviews is important for bed and breakfasts.

How to improve your B&B’s TripAdvisor ranking

Recognising the powerful role TripAdvisor plays, you need to make sure that your B&B consistently improves its ranking. Follow these tips to get started…

Bed & breakfast owners should use this advice to advertise.

5 key tasks for successfully advertising your B&B

There are many ways to advertise your B&B business successfully. Here are five tasks that can help get you there.

What do travellers choose to book a bed and breakfast?

Understanding the main factors driving bookings to your B&B

Knowing what motivates travellers to book a particular B&B will help you sell your rooms and profit. Here are the main reasons that guests choose a property.

Who’s the perfect market for your B&B? (…and how to find them)

Every property, including your B&B, will have a sweet spot in the market for who’s most interested in staying there. How do you find yours?

How to get more reservations via your B&B’s website

Your B&B website is incredibly valuable in driving revenue and profit for your property. Here are the best tips to secure more bookings.

How you can use other people’s content to market your B&B

To save time and effort, there’s a lot you can do with existing content to market your hotel. Here are some helpful tips.

5 key ingredients to a successful B&B loyalty scheme

Here are the five essential basic principles you need to apply at your B&B to get more guests on your rewards program and returning to your property.

Are you monitoring your B&B’s social media feedback closely enough?

Monitoring your social media accounts and paying close attention to feedback is essential for establishing positive customer relationships and upholding your reputation.

Marketing routines that make running your B&B easy

Keeping to routines helps take a lot of stress out of life and maintain focus. It’s essential when running a business, especially a bed and breakfast.

How to attract more B&B guests to your region using destination marketing

Even if your B&B isn’t located in the hottest destination in the world you can still attract visitors with destination marketing. Learn how to do it here.

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