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How social media competitions can help a B&B get more bookings

3 ways social media competitions will improve your B&B marketing

Here’s how hoteliers can use social media competitions to reach their digital marketing goals, improve their online presence, and drive direct bookings.

B&B chatbot proves to be just as effective as traditional customer service

Why chatbots are just as effective as traditional customer service

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their customers. They are as effective as traditional customer service as they improve the customer experience through 24-hour responses and personalization.

B&B targets the right geographic markets

Is Your B&B Targeting The Correct Market Segments?

Your B&B distribution strategy should attract the most motivated travelers. Here’s how you can make sure you’re targeting the right markets.

What Are The Best Ways To Attract More Extended Weekend And Mid-Week Stays?

B&B revenue management techniques must be fluid, adjusting for seasonal trends, market changes and traveler preferences.

Bnb upsells using chatbots

How Using Chatbots Will Increase Upselling At Your B&B

Chatbots drive customer acquisition and brand advocacy which means they are a great tool for increasing upselling at your B&B. Here’s how…

Mastering revenue management at a B&B

4 ways your B&B can master revenue management

Revenue management is the key to running a profitable B&B. Here’s Little Hotelier’s 4 tactics for hoteliers to master their revenue management.

Happy holidays from Little Hotelier.

Little Hotelier Support: How to get in touch with us over Christmas and New Year

The Little Hotelier support teams are here to help you over the festive period. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then contact our global offices.

B&B chatbot

5 Things B&Bs Should Consider Before Using Chatbots

Before implementing a chatbot B&B’s should define their business objective and how they will use AI to achieve this. Here is what B&Bs need to consider…


Why SEO Is So Valuable For Your B&B

SEO is one of the most valuable methods tools for marketing your B&B as it builds brand awareness, credibility, and increases website traffic and direct bookings.

B&B responds to guests on Facebook messenger 24 hours a day

Why Your B&B Needs 24 Hour Responses On Facebook Messenger

Using Facebook Messenger tools to offer customers 24 hour responses at your B&B will improve your guest experience and increase brand engagement. Heres how…

Guest entertainment in B&Bs

Discovering The Latest Trends In B&B Guest Entertainment

B&Bs need to be more aware of the devices their customers are using and work with this disruptive technology to formulate the ideal entertainment strategy.

How Visual Storytelling Will Increase Direct Bookings At Your B&B

Visual Storytelling will increase brand awareness, create a brand image that people remember and increase direct bookings at your B&B.

Eliminating double bookings at B&Bs

How To Eliminate Double-Bookings At Your B&B

Using distribution, direct booking, and property management technology at your B&B will help with day-to-day property management and eliminate double-bookings.

B&B listed on Google Hotel ads

How To list Your B&B On Google Hotel Ads

B&Bs should list their property with Google Hotel Ads because it improves global reach, increasing traffic and enhances guest experience with your B&B brand.

B&B loyalty program

3 Simple Loyalty Programs Ideas For B&Bs

The best way to capture and reward a customer’s loyalty is with a loyalty program that is easy to join and simple. Here are 3 loyalty programs ideas for B&Bs.

Email campaign gets B&B more positive reviews

How To Email Your Way To A Great B&B Review

The best way to build great reviews for your B&B is with an email campaign targeting guests after they have stayed at your property, here’s how.

B&B saves time by queuing their social media posts on scheduling software

How To Save Time By Queuing Your B&B Social Media Posts

Learning how to queue your B&B social media posts will save time, build brand awareness and bring more traffic to your business.

B&B offering a different guest experience

Traveling For The Experience: What Guests Are Looking For Today

The modern traveler is looking to consume experiences rather than products. B&Bs can stand out by showing how their property differentiates itself from the ordinary.

The Keys To Making Your B&B Look Professional

To meet guest expectations your B&B should look and feel professional. This means meeting industry standards and making sure to advertise your brand correctly.

Hotel uses Facebook messenger for customer service

How Facebook Messenger Could Transform Your B&B’s Customer Service

Facebook messenger will transform your B&Bs customer service by building loyalty, engagement and optimising the guest experience.

Bnb distribution

Top Distribution Trends For Your B&B

Here are Little Hoteliers top 2017 trends for B&Bs to take note of when building their distribution strategies.

B&B achieves positive ROI after investing in cloud technology

Why Cloud Technology Will Guarantee Positive ROI At Your B&B

Cloud technology is a smart investment for your B&B as it makes life easier, increases bookings and revenue, and will guarantee a positive ROI.

Learning To Understand Digital Marketing: 5 Tips For B&Bs

Here are Little Hoteliers 5 tips to help B&Bs understand how they can use digital marketing to drive traffic, increase direct bookings and build a positive customer relationship.

B&B guest using social media to choose destination

How Important Is Social Media When Travelers Choose Their Destination

Social media directly impacts travelers choosing destinations so B&Bs need an intelligent social media strategy to utilise this platform and increase bookings.

Simple Steps You Can Take To Ensure Your Guests’ Information Is Secure

Following B&B best practice for physical and cyber-security will protect your guests’ information and preserve your brand’s reputation.

Is Your B&B Following The Formula For Success?

A successful B&B is one that maintains a high occupancy rate. Here’s our formula for improving your B&Bs performance and increasing bookings and revenue.

B&B operator accessing property management system

Why B&B Operators Need 24/7 Access To Their Property Management System

As a B&B operator, being able to access your property management system 24/7 will not only help you improve guest experience but also increase bookings.

B&B uses a technology solution to improve productivity

Why B&B Technology Is The Extra Team You’ve Been Looking For

Technology solutions work as extra B&B team members by helping properties stand out from the competition, meet expectations and bring in more direct bookings.

B&B capitlizes on m-commerce

How Can Your B&B Capitalize On ‘mcommerce’ Trends In Travel

With the latest trend towards ‘m-commerce’, your B&B needs to be optimised for bookings made on mobiles or tablet devices. Little Hotelier discusses…

Increased occupancy and ADR at your B&B

The 6 Best Ways To Drive Occupancy And Increase ADR At Your B&B

High occupancy rates are key for ensuring good financial performance for your B&B. Here are our 6 best ways to drive occupancy and increase ADR.

B&B investing money

Where should you be investing your B&B’s money?

Managing your B&B budget correctly will increase revenue and occupancy rates. Here’s where we think every B&B should investing their money.

Travel industry trends for B&Bs

Travel Industry Refresher: Is Your B&B Keeping Up With The Trends?

Forbes has detailed its top travel trends for 2017. Here’s a quick refresher so you can capitalize on trends and appoint your B&B a competitive advantage.

Technology making B&B owners life easier

Why New Technology Makes Life Easier At Your B&B

New technology to makes life easier at your B&B by ensuring you have the time to focus on your guests.

B&B advertising online

The 5 Best Tactics For Advertising Your B&B

More customers are doing travel research themselves so B&Bs need to be advertising in all the places potential guests visit online. Here are the 5 Best Tactics.

Running a B&B

B&B Routines To Make Running Your Business Easier

Helpful B&B routines can make managing a B&B easier so you can increase productivity and focus on improving your guests experience.

B&B reaches the right markets

How to ensure your B&B is reaching all the right markets

Distribution and marketing tactics every B&B should be using to expand their global reach and connect with the right markets.

B&B uses guest profiles

Why your B&B should be using guest profiles

Personalization is key to survival in today’s competitive hospitality industry. Guest profiles allow B&Bs to engage guests by discovering what it is that they value.

B&B accommodation for rugby league world cup

How to attract last minute B&B bookings for the Rugby League World Cup

B&Bs can attract more last minute bookings for the Rugby League World Cup by implementing these simple SEO, advertising and distribution strategies.

B&B guest dining at restaurant

How do your B&B guests read a menu?

Guests like to read a menu in a certain way. Little Hotelier discusses how B&Bs can use these findings to increase revenue.

Content marketing and blogging for small properties and B&Bs

B&B Blog Ideas: How To Optimize Content On Your Website

Writing a blog shows your B&B personality, optimizes your website content, improves SEO and converts more website traffic into commission-free bookings

Website design for B&Bs

5 Web Design Principles Your B&B Must Follow

A well-designed website can increase traffic, direct bookings and revenue at your B&B. Follow these tips to improve your B&B’s website design.

B&B owner working to meet guests expectations

What Your B&B Needs To Meet The Digital Expectations Of Guests

Digital technology is coming along in leaps and bounds. Your guests will be up-to-date so your B&B needs to be too. Here are some tips.

B&B owner uploads a video as new Facebook cover photo

New Facebook Feature A Boon For B&Bs

With constant updates, Facebook is always providing something useful for accommodation providers. This time it’s video marketing.

Micro stay at hotel

Using Micro-Stays At Your B&B To Keep Ahead Of The Game

Micro-stays are becoming more popular as time goes by, especially for certain types of travelers. Your B&B should consider offering them at your property.

New Social Media Marketing Trends For Your B&B

Social media is a powerful motivator for travelers and a very useful tool for B&Bs to capture bookings. Here are the latest tactics you can use.

B&B uses storytelling

Why Using Storytelling Will Help Your B&B marketing

Storytelling is an effective way to establish your B&B’s brand personality. It will help you engage more travelers and get more bookings at your property.

How to Create Great Content for Your B&B’s SEO

To optimize your B&B SEO and get found on search engines like Google, you need to make sure your website is publishing interesting and engaging content.

How Remarketing Can Increase Bookings At Your B&B

Remarketing is an important tactic for recapturing bookings your B&B may not have capitalised on during a traveler’s first visit.

How To Boost International Bookings At Your B&B

International bookings should be a priority at your B&B and these tips from Little Hotelier should help you increase bookings from international guests.

B&B guest experience

Why Guests Should Always Be Treated As Humans

B&B guests are not robots or numbers on a page, they’re real people looking for personal experiences. If you want to please them, you need to remember this.

Words of Wisdom from Grove City Motel [B&B Superstar]

Grove City Motel was finding it hard to manage the day-to-day demands of running a small accommodation business until Little Hotelier made life much easier.

B&B guest experience

5 Guest Experience Strategies For Your B&B That Will Never Fail

Guest experience at your B&B should be a priority and by putting these strategies in place you can ensure your guests are satisfied with their stay.

guest requirements

Does Your B&B Cater to Guests With Specific Requirements?

Many B&B guests may have allergies or are choosing alternative diets. Your B&B needs to be aware and cater for different guest requirements

Millennial travellers booking hotel on phone and through social media

B&B Marketing: The Truth About Millennials

The continued emergence of millennial travelers has meant there is a large spotlight on them. It’s now easy to discover their behaviour and how to market to them as this Little Hotelier blog explains.

B&B Strategy

How Small Changes To Your B&B Strategy Can Drive Big Results

Your B&B strategy may not be working as well as you’d like but it doesn’t mean you need to make big changes. Even small adjustments can drive huge results.

Guest getting great service when checking into B&B

Are You Delivering Great Service At Your B&B?

Guest experience is something you always need to prioritize at your B&B. Use these tips to keep pleasing the guests at your property.

5 Important Wifi Myths Your B&B Needs To Dispel

For one reason or another, you may not be prioritising wifi at your B&B. There are certain myths that need dispelling if you want to satisfy your guests.

The Difference Between Guests and Luxury Guests at Your B&B

If you want to attract luxury guests to your B&B and accept more revenue, you must first investigate the differences between them and your typical guest.

Attracting Bookings: Should You Promote Your Destination Rather Than Your B&B?

For a traveler the destination is always the biggest thing on their mind, not necessarily their B&B accommodation. Think about this when you develop a marketing strategy.

Words of Wisdom from Bluemoon Riverside Resort [B&B Superstar]

With Little Hotelier, Bluemoon Riverside Resort was able to achieve B&B success. Here’s how they did it.

B&B owner

7 Ways To Become A Successful B&B Owner

It’s one thing to say you want to own and run your own B&B, but it’s another to meet the challenge that comes with it. Are you prepared?

Building an optimised website for your B&B

5 Ways Your B&B Website is Letting You Down

Your B&B website can be a massive driver of direct bookings, but it can also be the reason your revenue is dropping if your design isn’t optimised. Here’s what you may be lacking.

How To Stop Guests Stealing Your Amazing B&B Products

Some of your B&B products will be very popular with guests – perhaps too popular. Here are some tips to prevent theft at your B&B.

The 4 Types Of Guests That Will Stay At Your B&B

While all guests are unique there are four central traveler types that will walk through your doors. Find out what they are and how you can market to each of them respectively.

How To Use Your Channel Manager More Effectively At Your B&B

Investing in a channel manager is one thing. Getting the most out of it is another. Use these tips to ensure your B&B distribution is optimized.

How To Be Prepared For An Emergency At Your B&B

Despite everyone’s best intentions, emergencies can still occur at any B&B property. To ensure you’re prepared and minimising your risk, follow these simple steps.

5 Small Features At Your B&B That Can Make A Big Difference

Cutting edge technology can improve guest experience at your B&B, but sometimes small and thoughtful touches leave a more lasting impression.

B&B booking engine

How to use your B&B’s booking engine more effectively

Your B&B’s online booking engine will be a huge driver of direct bookings – providing you are using it effectively. Check out these handy tips from Little Hotelier.

Images of travel

Why images are key to your B&B’s online bookings success

The images of your property can make or break a booking decision. Entice your potential guests with interesting and engaging website images.

New report finds B&Bs offer exceptional value to guests

While all-inclusive holidays may seem an attractive option for travelers, your B&B is probably better value. Here’s how you can convince your guests.

Bay Breeze

Words of Wisdom from Bay Breeze Motel [B&B Superstar]

Bay Breeze Motel found the perfect technology solution in Little Hotelier, finding ways to increase bookings and improve efficiency.

Mobile apps for B&Bs

Recent Industry Trends Show Apps Drive More Bookings For B&Bs

B&Bs need to make the most of the growing mobile app trend. Apps are a valuable tool to drive direct bookings and guest experience.

How to deal with aggressive guests at your B&B

Difficult guests can be commonplace at hotels of all sizes. It’s important to stay calm and resolve any issues peacefully.

A newly opened B&B welcomes their first customer

7 Important Things To Consider Before Starting A B&B

If you’re thinking of opening your own accommodation business, you first need to understand the risks and rewards involved in such an undertaking.

Sumatra Surf Resort uses Little Hotelier reservation management system

Words of Wisdom from Sumatra Surf Camp [B&B Superstar]

For Sumatra Surf Camp it was the simple choice to find a technology solution to their reservation management issues. Enter Little Hotelier.

Social Media FAQs: Essential Twitter Tips For B&Bs

With the power of social media your B&B can be found and ‘shopped’ to a much wider audience than you realise. Find out how Twitter can be used to market your property.

People stay at B&B's when in town to watch the NFL

How To Increase Your B&B’s Website Bookings During The NFL Season

Being one of the most popular spectator sports in the world, the NFL attracts fans from far and wide. Why not have them stay at your B&B with these tips from Little Hotelier?

B&B Technology: 3 Key Features You Need For Your Property

With countless tasks to perform each day, running a B&B isn’t easy. Using the right technology will make life easier.

B&B receiving more direct bookings on their website

How You Can Solve Your B&B’s Direct Booking Dilemma

By taking a consistent, methodical approach you can improve the amount of direct bookings your B&B captures, reducing your reliance on OTAs.

Boutique hotel putting in the same technology systems as their big hotel competition

5 Things Your Boutique Hotel Can Learn From Big Hotel Competition

A small hotel or B&B isn’t limited when it comes to using sophisticated technology or big hotel distribution strategies. Here’s what you can learn from your larger peers.

Events Spotlight: How to Ace Your B&B’s Direct Bookings For Wimbledon

Events like Wimbledon that attract global visitors are a unique opportunity for B&Bs to drive more bookings and boost their revenue during an already prosperous time of year.

Optimise your hotel's website for mobile and tablet devices helps with SEO

7 Web Design and SEO Best Practices For Your B&B

Optimizing SEO and web design at your small hotel is vital for driving traffic and attracting bookings. Use these tips at your property to boost revenue.

Social Media FAQs: Essential Instagram Tips For Small B&Bs

Find the best Instagram tips for your small property in this blog post, which explains why photo-sharing is such a powerful draw for consumers.

Words of Wisdom from Plymouth House [B&B Superstar]

Plymouth House is an inn rich with charm and history, but uses the latest technology provided by Little Hotelier to properly manage business operations.

Events Spotlight: How to attract guests to your B&B for the Commonwealth Games

Events like the Commonwealth Games are irregular and present a great opportunity for small hotels to increase their revenue. Start planning at your B&B now.

hotel customer experience

The 5 Easiest Ways To Improve Guest Experience At Your Boutique Hotel

Hotel customer service is all about warm smiles and attention to detail. Your guests won’t tolerate any inconvenience during their stay so keep them happy.

Answering your questions about social media marketing with Facebook tips for small hotels

Social Media FAQs: Essential Facebook Tips For B&Bs

Social media is just as useful for small hotels and B&Bs as it is for large companies. Learn how to get the most out of Facebook for your property.

ota profile

How to Optimize Your Boutique Hotel’s OTA Profiles

OTAs are a powerful and necessary channel for your property’s distribution. Make sure you make the most of them by optimizing your online profile.

room technology

In-Room Technology: What Do Your Guests Really Care About During Their Stay?

In-room technology can be simple or sophisticated and guests will have a need for both depending on their preferences and what they really care about.

5 Great Ideas for Pre- and Post-Stay Communication With Your Guests

The guest experience at your hotel is directly related to the customer service that they receive during their stay. Here’s how to communicate with guests…

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend Key Travel Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows and events are an important resource for hotels and B&Bs, big and small. Here are some reasons you should attend.

How to Capture Travelers in Their Moments of Travel Planning

Travel plans can be made at many different places online and guests need to be targeted at all of them. Here’s some tips for your small hotel.

niche markets

The Pros and Cons of Targeting Niche Markets at Your B&B

Niche markets can be a vital point of difference for the revenue of your small hotel or B&B but it’s also risky to target them. Try to find the balance.

B&B uses facebook to get more reservations

5 Easy Tips to Grow Bed and Breakfast’s Facebook Likes

Hotel Facebook and social media can be huge drivers for reservations and it’s actually quite easy for you to grow your audience. Check out these tips.

B&B's website

Are you Treating your B&B’s Website as Your Number 1 Channel?

Your B&B website is potentially the most valuable booking channel at your disposal and you have to treat it as such to receive the rewards. Find out more.

5 Essential Learnings From Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations Report

A new top city destinations report has been released by research company Euromonitor International, providing some key insights into tourism growth and performance across the globe. Find out more in this blog.

Guest Acquisition vs. Retention: Is the Balance Right at Your B&B?

Small hotels and B&Bs need to focus on acquiring new guests, but often guest retention is just as important for an independent property. Find out how to balance it in this Little Hotelier blog.

Lighting in a boutique hotel

6 Creative Ways to Use Lighting at Your Boutique Hotel

Lighting at your hotel is an important facet of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Make sure you’re using it in the right way.

Attracting Groups To Your B&B: How To Tailor Your Offering For People Traveling Together

Attracting and securing group bookings at your small hotel is a great way to maximise occupancy and revenue. Here are some tactics you can try.

A B&B measuring the success of their bookings

7 key metrics every B&B needs to stay ahead of the game

Even small hotels should be measuring revenue and occupancy metrics to maximise their profit. Find out in this blog the key metrics for you.

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