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Should you market your B&B to business travellers?

It’s obvious business travel is a large and expanding market, but is it the right fit for your B&B? Get some advice here.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Metasearch at Your B&B

Travellers are increasingly using metasearch engines to look for accommodation so it’s important you start to understand how it can affect your B&B.

How to capitalise on destination marketing at your B&B

It’s not all about your rooms and your amenities. Here are some ways your destination can be the biggest marketing strength at your B&B.

The Essential Guide to Perfecting Guest Experience at Your B&B

This FREE eBook will help all B&B or small accommodations operators perfect the way travellers experience the booking journey; online and offline.

How to calculate and use your B&B’s average daily rate effectively

The average daily rate at your B&B is one of the simplest metrics to calculate and can also be very useful for building revenue strategies. Check out these helpful tips.

5 ways you can change the way you run your B&B for the better

The way it’s always been doesn’t mean it has to be like that forever. Change is often for the better and it can be for your B&B too. See how you can mix things up.

How to be a good people person and improve guest experience at your B&B

In a B&B you’re going to be working closely with your guests, i.e. other human beings, so it’s important you know how to get along with people. Here’s how you can be better at it.

How to optimise your B&B property management system

One of the most important pieces of technology you can invest in is a property management system. Here’s how to make the most of it at your B&B.

Travel trends your B&B can continue to trust this year

Trends and fads are not the same thing. Trends often establish themselves over a long period of time. Here are the travel trends that remain relevant for your B&B this year.

Voice recognition is changing the industry – will it change your B&B?

While voice recognition is likely not at the top of your mind as you go about managing your B&B, it is having an impact on the industry you need to be aware of.

Why you need to be aware of the Facebook path to purchase at your B&B

Facebook has its very own traveller path to purchase and you need to be aware of it at your B&B. Here’s how you can maximise your bookings.

boutique hotel B&Bs

New research shows how boutique hotels feel about working with Airbnb

New research has unveiled how small accommodation providers feel about working with OTAs and Airbnb. Get the full picture here.

The best performing social media channels right now (and what you should use at your B&B)

Social media can be a very effective and satisfying marketing channel for your property, but only if you’re using the right ones. Find out what social channels are the most popular right now.

Using email marketing at your B&B to boost direct bookings

Email marketing is a traditional method that has been proven to produce results. You can use it at your B&B to drive more direct bookings.

5 tips to sell more rooms to solo travellers at your B&B

Solo travellers are a large and emerging market that could significantly benefit your property’s revenue. Here are some tips to attract more of them.

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