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Like so many wonderful small accommodation providers, we’ve used the past year to reflect and refresh. But truth
be told, our story goes way back, and we’re delighted to share it with you.

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Where our story began

The year was 2013 and, while words like ‘selfie’ were getting added to the Oxford Dictionary, we were creating software for bed & breakfasts, guest houses and small hotels. We’d learnt that sharing selfies were the last things that the owner-operators of those properties had time for. They spent their days doing everything but what they loved most, and that was delighting guests with extraordinary experiences and memorable stays.

Enter Little Hotelier: the all-in-one reservation and hotel management system designed specially for small accommodation providers with:

An easy-to-use front desk system, to keep the property in order

A commission-free booking engine for a hotel’s own website, to clinch direct bookings

A great channel manager, to get hotels on to OTAs.

It was everything small accommodation providers needed to easily run their operations and be pros on the
internet, while saving time.

Our whole shtick was simple: we were Little Hotelier, for the little hotelier.

We were heartened to hear the impact we were having on local customers like Heritage Trail Lodge in Margaret
River, Australia. They told us:

“Little Hotelier has simplified and streamlined our booking process and brought us
into the 21st Century. Like magic, the online bookings appear immediately in the calendar and guest
details are just a click away. Gone is the need for huge amounts of paperwork with the guest database
stored securely online. Inventory seems to manage itself and the risk of double bookings is all but
gone. So much better than the paper, pencil and eraser method of reservation management.”

It was all the encouragement we needed to find all the small hotels we could help around the world. So, from
Asia to Europe and the Americas, we did exactly that, and met small property owners and operators who got
more out of Little Hotelier than we could’ve ever hoped for.

“The time saving is enormous as Little Hotelier does virtually everything for me
… We used to use Excel spreadsheets which was really difficult. Now, we can just log in with no need to
download booking sheets.”

Sumatra Surf Resort in Indonesia

“The biggest way Little Hotelier has helped is by saving us time and stress – and
when you own a small business, there’s never enough time. Now, everyone is on the same page because
we’re all using the one system. Little Hotelier gives me more time to service my guests … I love

Boreale Ranch in Canada

“Little Hotelier has changed how we sell rooms online. Everything has become much
more efficient as we don’t have to update third-party websites manually anymore! I have more free time,
which I can spend on making my guests happy with their stay.”

Woodman Inn in England

We even dipped our toes into new languages, in countries like Mexico, where you can find boutique hotel
Posada del Cortés. In their words:

“Little Hotelier has allowed us to share our love for our job and for our city to everyone who visits

We’d found our reason for existing. It was to help every small hotelier do big things.

We grew to understand all the things that caused small accommodation businesses stress, annoyance,
frustration, worry or fear. These learnings inspired us to offer more, from website templates to a mobile
app that put property management in every small hotel business owner’s back pocket. (See what we did there?)
With us, those owners were no longer chained to their front desks. As Homewood Cottages in Queensland,
Australia, says:

“We can manage our cottages from anywhere. I could not imagine managing our accommodation business without
using Little Hotelier.”

In every way, we were the one for the little hotelier.

How a crisis reinforced our purpose

In March 2020, the world became a different place. Travellers could no longer travel the way they used to.
And, small accommodation providers, who formed the backbone of many of our communities, could no longer
welcome them like they used to.

So, we got to work by:

We drew inspiration from all the small accommodation providers who shared their stories with us,
who were using the time to learn, get new skills and complete long-overdue refurbishments. As always, they
were finding mightiness out of being a little hotelier.

How our brand pays tribute to the mighty hotelier

To reinforce our commitment to the small hotel industry, we touched up our brand and started by
thinking about our logo in hundreds of different ways, literally.

In the end, we stripped things right back.

Little Hotelier. We’re for the small accommodation providers who want to be more mighty and do things easily.

We’re for the small accommodation providers who want to be free.

We’re for the small accommodation providers who are anything but one-dimensional.

We’re for the small accommodation providers whose charm is what makes small properties so inviting to us as travellers.

We’re for the small accommodation providers who do all of this in a single day’s work, and love it.

We’re for the small accommodation providers who want to take the effort and lack of control out of running their small property, to be a better host.

That’s why, today, Little Hotelier remains the one solution that’s been perfectly designed and fitted out to meet the needs of small property owners and operators.

Little Hotelier still comes with an easy-to-use front desk, booking engine and channel manager, as well as:


24/7 chat support, for all the times you need urgent help

A mobile app, so you can manage your property from anywhere

A deep resource library, to keep you up-to-date always

How we will continue to help small hotels

More than ever, we’re committed to helping small hotels do big things.

If this is you, looking ahead, you can expect:

You will want to free up your calendar, too. We’re lining up several virtual events, with guest speakers and workshops, to better support you with direct access to our exclusive network of small hotel experts. Are there any particular topics you want to know more about? Let us know and we’ll make them happen.

Look out for all of these latest initiatives, and more, from the team that can’t imagine this world without you in it.

– The team at Little Hotelier

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