These terms and conditions apply to the Little Hotelier Credit Promotion (Promotion).  

1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions, unless the context requires otherwise:

Active Agreement means an Agreement which commences, and has not expired or been terminated, prior to the Promotion Period.

Agreement means an agreement for the supply of Products.

Eligible Customer means a customer who purchases Little Hotelier Pro or Little Hotelier Basics under a New Agreement and does not include an Existing Customer or Group Customer.

Existing Customer means a customer under an Active Agreement.

Group Customer means a customer that:

(a) is part of an affiliated group of customers represented by a Promoter; or

(b) manages or owns more than one Property.

New Agreement means an Agreement that commences during the Promotion Period.

Prior Agreement means an Agreement which was terminated or expired, prior to the Promotion Period.

Product means any product supplied by SiteMinder.

Promoter means a person or entity that negotiates group pricing for Products to be made available to an affiliated group of customers.

Property means a building, dwelling or location from which a customer provides accommodation and related goods and services to guests.

SiteMinder means:

(a) for any Promoter or customer principally located in Europe, Middle East or Africa – SiteMinder Distribution Limited (a company incorporated in England, registration no. 07242801);

(b) for any Promoter or customer principally located in the USA, Canada, or the Americas – SiteMinder Hospitality Corporation (a company incorporated in Delaware); and 

(c) for any other Promoter or customer – SiteMinder Limited (a company incorporated in Australia, ACN 121 931 744).      

2. Promotion Period

The Promotion runs for 7 days following SiteMinder informing the Eligible Customer of the Promotion via email (Promotion Period).