What is the best hostel management system?

Managing a hostel certainly is a challenge, so making life easier for yourself by looking for an online management system is a great step to make.

Managing rates and reservations, along with housekeeping, property maintenance, food and beverage, the guest relationship, and more will definitely be made easier by taking a lot of your work online and automating it.

However it can be tricky knowing exactly what system(s) you need for your hostel and how to find the best fit for your individual property. The market for hospitality technology is a large one so it can get overwhelming at times.

This page will help you take the best approach to choosing a management system to purchase for your property.

Equipping your hostel with the best channel manager

Obviously being able to sell your rooms more broadly and manage your reservations easier is a big box to tick when looking into hostel systems.A channel manager is the natural solution to this but with hundreds of options on the market how do you choose the best one?

There are few qualifying factors you should look for when assessing channel managers, including:

  • Flexible set monthly fee payment structure
  • Strong integration power with popular property management systems
  • Connection to a large pool of booking channels
  • Ability to apply stop-sells
  • Comprehensive performance reporting

These are just the core examples of what you should be investigating. It’s a bonus if you can find a channel manager system that has been built specifically for small properties, such as Little Hotelier. Even better is an all-in-one system that includes a front desk system and booking engine, among other features.The more functionality and integration you have to manage your hostel the better.

Choosing a channel manager for your hostel: Questions to ask your provider

Regardless of how big your property is, your channel manager needs to meet some specific requirements if you’re going to get the best out of it. You can make a better decision by asking potential providers some clarifying questions about their product.

These might include:

As with any purchase, it’s better to have too much information than not enough. Based on discovering more about the product you can start to get an idea of whether it’s something you’re willing to invest in.

Hostel management system demo

hotel reservation system demo

The best providers will always allow you a demonstration of the product prior to purchase. This lets you better understand exactly how it works and the range of features it offers.

You can evaluate how powerful it is and if your hostel business can run better using this system.

Little Hotelier is a management system that can take care of basically any need a small property like yours requires, including channel management and front desk management.

Click here to view a demo right now.

Hostel system must-have features

The reason you’re looking for a system to manage your hostel is assumedly because you want to make your life easier and complete admin tasks much quicker and with more accuracy.

You can’t simply achieve this with the first piece of tech you see. There are many brands on the market servicing the industry and some are more suited to small operators than others.

Some features you’re probably looking for and should confirm in the option you’re considering include:

This clearly displays how much you currently have on your plate and how much technology can help, but it’s important you choose a system that does as much as possible. There’s no point in paying for something that really only solves half your problem. 

This is the benefit of an all-in-one solution, since it will include your property management system along with the option for:

By investing with an industry leader such as Little Hotelier you can connect with five essential pieces of tech and optimise every part of your business all from one place.

Expected outcomes from using a hostel reservation system

It’s important that your provider can actually explain to you what you’ll get out of a product. What guarantees can they make about the functionality? It’s all very well to list features but you have to be able to make them work for you.

Some things you should expect your hostel reservation system to enable you to do include:

Ultimately the idea is to save time (and money) on tasks you’re currently undertaking manually, remove a lot of friction that exists, and give you more insight. You can then better focus on overall revenue strategies to boost the overall success of your business.

Cost of a hostel booking system

While budget shouldn’t be your number one concern, it can be very important for independent properties who run a tight ship. In that respect you can’t afford to pay too much for a service and at the very least you need to be sure you’re getting value for money.

With this in mind you should be looking for a flexible pricing model. A provider that wants to lock you into a contract or charge you any type of commission or transactional fee is one to steer clear of.

The best option for you is a provider that offers a set monthly fee, that you can opt out of any time you like. This means no matter how successful your property becomes using the system, you’ll always pay the same amount.

Generally, pricing depends on the size of your property. The more rooms your property has, the higher the fee. However it will go up by set increments. For instance, a property with five rooms will pay the same as a property with eight rooms but a property of 10 rooms will pay more.

To see how your property fits into a pricing structure, visit Little Hotelier’s pricing scale here.

How to choose an online hostel booking system

Choosing your online system means being sure about a number of things. To help make the decision easier ask yourself a number of questions and see if they are all answered in the affirmative for the system you’re considering.

For a hostel booking system this might include:

This is by no means an exhaustive list since booking systems can offer a very big range of functionality, but it’s quite a good place to start. If your potential vendor can answer yes to the above then you’re on the right track.

Free trial for hostel software

Just as you can see an example of a hostel system by viewing a demo you can get an even closer look by taking a free trial.

A free trial enables you to use the product in all its scope free of charge for a set period of time. This means you can enjoy the benefits it brings and make a judgement about its suitability for your property as you learn more about it.

Little Hotelier offers a free trial that runs for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to get setup and undergo product training. By the time your free trial period is over, you should be able to run your property off the system with no problems at all.

The bonus of being configured at the time you sign up for a free trial is that when you do start paying for your subscription you can hit the ground running.

To take a free trial of Little Hotelier’s system today, simply click here and we’ll contact you within one business day.

Hostel software reviews

By far one of the best ways to get a clear concise overview of products on the market is to visit review sites. This will allow you to compare vendors against each other by looking at different scores, features, and reviews.

One of the best resources to use is Hotel Tech Report. Here you’ll get both a good snapshot of a product and a more in-depth profile. There will be a summary telling you how likely the product is to be recommended, the properties it’s most suited for, and aggregated scores for a number of factors including:

In addition there is a customer review section where you can see comments from your peers who have used the product. This is really useful information since you’ll be able to see what pros and cons other property managers are listing, as well as their anecdotal feedback. 

Overall these types of sites are a good way of finding reliable information.

You can also look at customer reviews on social media pages such as Facebook. This is also an opportunity to evaluate the company’s brand reputation. Seeing how many followers they have, how they interact with followers, and what content they post can give you more good insight and further inform your purchase decision.

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