The world’s most trusted small hotel management software

Make sure your accommodation is always booking out.

Little Hotelier can help your accommodation reach its full potential.

Connect to virtually unlimited online booking channels.

Attract more guests than ever before by connecting popular booking channels such as, Expedia, and Airbnb, as well as key channels for your local market.

Manage all channels in one place, at the same time.

Update reservations, optimise rates, check room statuses, and keep housekeeping on track at the click of a button.

Avoid troublesome double bookings.

Enjoy automated, real-time data sharing so your inventory is updated almost instantly.

Centralise property management with real-time two-way integration.

Get time back in your day with all your features working together seamlessly, and no need for manual data entry.

How to choose the right accommodation management software:

Does the software account for my property type?

Try to look for providers that understand small accommodation businesses and have been designed with small properties in mind, rather than providers who are ‘adding on’ features for small properties.

Which features are non-negotiable?

Have a clear idea in mind of what tasks you want to achieve or make easier and look specifically for those features in the providers you are researching. Make sure they can tick all your boxes.

Will it make life easier?

Running a small accommodation business is a lifestyle choice and one suited to people who love customer service, so you want to make sure that your software will give you more free-time to interact with your guests.

Is it everything you need in one?

Being able to run your entire property from one platform is crucial to simplifying processes and saving time.

Why choose Little Hotelier for your accommodation?

Trusted by more small independent properties globally than any other provider.

Superior coverage with more than 450 connected booking channels to choose from and connect to, simultaneously.

User-friendly features and interface designed specifically for small property operators.

Free mobile app that gives you access to your property on the go so you can stay in control, wherever you are.

Frequently asked questions.

What is accommodation booking software?

Accommodation booking software like Little Hotelier, lets you manage your entire property from one central place. Manage your daily tasks, take reservations directly through your website, connect your rooms to multiple popular booking channels at once, manage your property while you’re on-the-go, and more.

Why do I need accommodation booking software?

Accommodation booking software lets you capture and process direct online reservations through your website, or your social media pages, so you don’t have rely on online travel agencies.