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10 Interesting Facts About Online Travel Sales in the US

Online travel sales are a constant source of growth as guests and accommodation providers alike adapt to new technology and the general trend of booking behaviour.

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8 Effective Tips for Improving Your Small Hotel’s Direct Bookings

There are many ways you can drive more direct bookings at your B&B, but sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones. Here are the top tips for your small hotel.

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How Global Connections via Hotel Technology can Help You Attract New Guests

More global connections are being created all the time in the hospitality industry and with easy-to-use hotel technology your small hotel can drive more bookings.

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Does It Pay To Make Your B&B Pet Friendly?

Pet-friendly accommodation is a more serious consideration than you may think. Here’s how you can cater to animal lovers at your B&B.

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Over-the-Top Amenities at Modern-Day Bed & Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts are going all out when it comes to investing in their guests’ experience. Just look at these over-the-top amenities today’s B&Bs are using to delight guests.

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The Review Feedback Loop: Are You Listening to Your B&B Guests?

Online reviews are an incredibly rich source of feedback for B&Bs. Here’s how you can use them to enhance the guest experience at your property.

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Use Instagram Contests to Make Guests Compete for Your Small Hotel

Did you know that you can not only attract guests to your small hotel, but you can make them compete for it, too? Here’s how you can use Instagram competitions to get more guests staying at your property.

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Facebook Metrics: What Your Small Hotel Should Be Tracking And Why

Social media is a massive part of your small hotel or B&B marketing strategy. Find out what metrics to measure and why they’re important.

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Why Your Small Hotel Shouldn’t Fear Bad TripAdvisor Reviews

Are you worried about bad TripAdvisor reviews at your small hotel? Here’s why you shouldn’t be if you’re doing what you can to delight your guests.

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How to Target Weekend Travelers with Mobile Marketing

Weekend travelers can provide a hefty boost to your small hotel or B&B bookings. Here’s how mobile marketing can help you target them.

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How Micro-Moments Can Boost Bookings at Your Small Hotel

With micro-moments, you can learn more about the customer journey and deepen your relationship with them to create a better and more informed hotel experience.

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7 Vital Technology Trends All Small Hotels Should Be Aware Of

2017 will be another step forward for technology and there are several new trends set to emerge that all hotels should take notice of, including the continued rise of cloud technology.

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