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How to Capture Travelers in Their Moments of Travel Planning

Travel plans can be made at many different places online and guests need to be targeted at all of them. Here’s some tips for your small hotel.

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niche markets

The Pros and Cons of Targeting Niche Markets at Your Small Hotel

Niche markets can be a vital point of difference for the revenue of your small hotel or B&B but it’s also risky to target them. Try to find the balance.

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B&B's website

Are you Treating your B&B’s Website as Your Number 1 Channel?

Your B&B website is potentially the most valuable booking channel at your disposal and you have to treat it as such to receive the rewards. Find out more.

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5 Essential Learnings From Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations Report

A new top city destinations report has been released by research company Euromonitor International, providing some key insights into tourism growth and performance across the globe. Find out more in this blog.

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hotel facebook

5 Easy Tips to Grow Your Small Hotel’s Facebook Likes

Hotel Facebook and social media can be huge drivers for reservations and it’s actually quite easy for you to grow your audience. Check out these tips.

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Attracting Groups To Your Small Hotel: How To Tailor Your Offering For People Traveling Together

Attracting and securing group bookings at your small hotel is a great way to maximise occupancy and revenue. Here are some tactics you can try.

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7 key metrics every small hotel needs to stay ahead of the game

Even small hotels should be measuring revenue and occupancy metrics to maximise their profit. Find out in this blog the key metrics for you.

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6 Creative Ways to Use Lighting at Your Small Hotel

Lighting at your hotel is an important facet of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Make sure you’re using it in the right way.

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How to Deliver Improved Accessibility for Your B&B’s Guests

Accessibility at your B&B is an issue you should seriously explore to give all guests an equal opportunity for travel and increase your business revenue.

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How to Remove Flaws in Your B&B’s Check-In System

Your check-in system is often the first major impression guests have of your hotel. Make sure your process is as smooth as possible to maximise return bookings.

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Guest Acquisition vs. Retention: Is the Balance Right at Your Hotel?

Small hotels and B&Bs need to focus on acquiring new guests, but often guest retention is just as important for an independent property. Find out how to balance it in this Little Hotelier blog.

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hotel kitchen

How to Feed Your Guests 24 Hours a Day, Without a Hotel Kitchen!

Even if your hotel kitchen is small or bordering on non-existent, you can still ensure your guests have tasty snacks available 24 hours a day. See our tips.

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8 easy ways to boost your small hotel’s midweek bookings and occupancy

Optimizing mid-week occupancy at your small hotel or B&B is easier than you think. Check out these tips to find the best option for your property.

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8 Effective Tips for Improving Your Small Hotel’s Direct Bookings

There are many ways you can drive more direct bookings at your B&B, but sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones. Here are the top tips for your small hotel.

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Free eBook: DIY Guide to Driving Direct Bookings at Your Small Hotel

Now that global third party booking sites are continuing to increase their market share, direct bookings are a greater challenge, and a bigger priority for small hotels. This eBook from Little Hotelier explores the topic.

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next-generation property management

What to Look for in a Next-Generation Property Management System

Is your small hotel using a next-generation property management system? If you’re thinking about upgrading, find out more in this Little Hotelier blog.

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Key Travel Experiences: What are guests looking for from a holiday?

Leisure guests are simply looking to getaway, relax and indulge themselves in stress-free activities. As such, they want their trips to run as smoothly as possible. Learn how you can make this happen.

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chinese travelers

Why Small Hotels Should Feel Optimistic About Chinese Travelers

The power of the Chinese travelers is only set to grow, with outbound expenditure expected to skyrocket. Make sure your property gets a slice of the pie.

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How do business travelers engage with mobile apps?

Business travelers are constantly engaging with their smartphone and mobile apps while they’re on the road. Here’s how to keep them in mind at your small hotel…

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