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Forgandenny House B&B
Mudgee, Australia


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How does Little Hotelier work?

Little Hotelier is your all-in-one daily operations hub. Simply put your property details in Little Hotelier and through our world leading Channel Manager and Direct Booking web page – we’ll connect you to your chosen booking channels (like or live availability through your website) to help you get more guests in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

Keep your business perfectly in sync no matter where the reservation came from with all bookings automatically dropping into one central easy-to-manage calendar. Whether it’s taking payments, sending guest communications or simply keeping tabs on your housekeeping. With Little Hotelier, you’ll always be in control of your property – no matter if you’re at your desk or out and about on your mobile.

Little Hotelier +

We are working with to make it as easy as possible for all types of accommodation providers to adopt technology to help grow their businesses efficiently.

Which is why we are offering 3 months free subscription to Little Hotelier.

After the 3 month free period you’ll only pay $30 USD per month, plus 1% of the total booking value*. No lock–in contract. Cancel anytime.

*If your total booking value is $1000/month. 1% = $10/month

Boost your bookings by 65%

Drive more revenue by connecting to and 450 other channels. So you can ensure you are booked out at the best price.

Manage all your reservations in one calendar

Manage your check-ins, allocate rooms, process payments and organise your housekeeping with one convenient calendar.

Improve your guest experience

Get a centralised guest management system with the ability to send timely pre- and post-arrival messages.

Find your pricing & promotion sweet spot

We’ll show you which rooms, extras, and packages drive the most revenue for your business.


Little Hotelier is powered by SiteMinder, the world’s leading
Channel Manager and Booking Engine.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is a Channel Manager?

A Channel Manager allows you to advertise and sell your rooms on as many online travel agents (OTA’s) and other online distribution channels as you want at the same time. A Channel Manager is a piece of software that connects your property to those online booking channels and instantly updates your properties availability and details across all platforms. So when you get a reservation on one channel, or close off a room, all other places where you are advertising will get updated automatically meaning you won’t get double bookings and also won’t miss out on bookings from not advertising where your guests are. It is the most cost-effective way to advertise and distribute your rooms to the biggest audience!

What does a Channel Manager do?

A Channel Managers push out your rates, availability and content to online travel agents (OTAs), like, Expedia, Airbnb and as well as your website. This enables you to advertise your property and take bookings on multiple sites simultaneously as your Channel Manager will update all channels with any updates instantly. So if you get a reservation on your website, your Channel Manager will automatically update your listings on your website and other booking channels like to show that you don’t have that room available on those dates anymore.

Do you need a Channel Manager?

Yes. No matter what size your property is, if you want to increase revenue and occupancy, advertising on more booking channels at the same time will give you a bigger chance of getting bookings. In fact, our data shows that small properties who advertise on more than 2 channels through Little hotelier get 65% more bookings.

What are the benefits of using a Channel Manager?
  1. Advertise in more places and be where your guests are booking
  2. Get more bookings at better rates
  3. Avoid double-bookings
  4. Simply your admin and reduce your admin time
  5. Work better with OTAs
  6. Take more direct bookings
  7. Ensure rate parity across all your distribution channels
  8. Centralise and standardise your guest management
How does a Channel Manager work with my other software?

A Channel Manager can come as stand alone software or it can come as part of an “all-in one” software package. Little Hotelier is the leading all-in-one solution for small properties, so when you subscribe to Little Hotelier you will get a Channel Manager as part of your package. The great thing about getting a Channel Manager as part of an “all-in one” is that it is fully integrated with your other hotel management software. So when you get a booking through your Channel Manager it will drop into your Front Desk calendar so you can manage your communications, check-ins, take payments, see guest preferences from this booking or previous bookings and more all centrally and easily.